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Okay, hear me out! See, you guys know of Paperweight's Doomsday Scenario from "They stole Max's brain", right? I say that somebody finds a way to contact either TTG's bigwigs or Steve Purcell and suggest that they cook up the 4th season where the climax is a battle with that monster! Maybe even get Sam a big part in it and Paperweight and Norrington could have a major role in it too. Who's with me?

  • its not a bad idea.not at all.but personally i would like them returning to their everyday adventures.just imagine the possibilities.meeting all sorts of new enemies/characters therefore increasing their universe making it feel..more alive.and visiting new creative locations that are overflowing with content as well as revisiting old ones for the nostalgic values.telltale could even expand the action aspect so it can level with twd or twau titles,without forgeting the all important comedy.for which the serial is know for (especially in season one-i laughed so much)....idk.who knows what the company's future plans are.i surely can not be the one to decide for them.whatever the case i know that they will give their best.anyway discluding mine i going to support your vision of the next season .

    • Hey, if The Legendary Homestar Runner can rise from the ashes of infamy like a wingless phoenix, so can they...Except, they would HAVE wings. Who knows? Maybe both ideas are going through their heads as we speak.

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