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oddity with release date for the physical release

posted by Tantei_bigby on - Viewed by 540 users

Now I know telltale is probably a fairly small studio and is hard at work constantly. But some things are really not adding up to me.

Originally wolf among us was supposed to come out the same time as walking dead season 2 (in terms of the physical release). However that release got delayed a month behind the walking dead now. Which makes no sense shouldn't it be a month ahead of walking dead since when wolf among us finished (from what has been announced) walking dead didn't have a release date for episode 4 yet. Also this bit maybe just GameStop being an idiot, but why was the vita version of the game the only one not pushed back.

The only resonable reason why they would push the wolf among us release back and let people forget about it in the 5 months in between episode 5 and the physical release is that they are not done with it, meaning there most be something like 400 days that they are working on for wolf among us.

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