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download problem

posted by rinchwind on - last edited - Viewed by 419 users

I have purchased several telltale games, and in the past had no problem getting them, however, now when I try to download any of the games I bought the download (from while working it crawls at a ridicules speed (less then 1k/s).
is there a problem with the servers or do they simply not like me? :confused:

(for clarification, the problem isn't with my connection as I can download anything from any other place at normal speeds)
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Downloads are going at a decent speed for me, so it's not a global problem. I'm not positive what to suggest as far as the speed issue. I'm curious, though--do you have access to a different brand of internet browser? It doesn't matter which one, as long as it's not the one that is used primarily by you. If you do, try downloading it from there, and if it goes at a faster speed, maybe it's a weird caching issue with your primary browser (which could be resolved by clearing out your cached files).
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