I figured the ending ... i think

Ok so I just want to remind you that a lot of people are thinking that nerissa is faith or faith is nerissa and blah blah blah.............
Ok . Here's what I think. When lily died ( when she was glamored as snow ) she re-transformed to her own real body after a while which is a troll.
So here's my point.... when faith died we didn't see her transforming , so nerissa was glamored as faith when she was at the woodsman's apartment.
Faith is actually dead ( that's my opinion )

SO nerissa is glamored as faith and completely not the opposite

I know i am a little late to post this but it just came to my mind

Remember guys this is only a theory


  • Lily only transformed after the glamour was removed from her body and destroyed. It didn't happen when she died--only when the glamour was destroyed. This is key. This is why Faith = Nerissa because we never got Faith's body, only the head. So the glamour of dead Nerissa as Faith was dumped like Lily was only there was no TJ to find the body.

    Also Dr. Swineheart thinks 'Faith's' head needs more examination. On top of it Faith's backstory is a direct parallel to what actually happened. Nerissa's backstory is useless in a big plot twist.

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