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The Telltale community underestimates Borderlands potential for storytelling.

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Upon reading a few things here and there about Tales from the Borderlands, I was saddened to discover that a good chunk of the Telltale community is very sceptical about Telltale taking on the Borderlands series. Mostly because many people view Borderlands as this brutal FPS that invite the player to kill armies of monsters and bandits with big guns and then loot wathever junks you can find on the ground...which is pretty accurate for the most part. That's what the trailers promote and this overly action packed gameplay is what makes the game so fun to play.

But look, even though I'm not that much into FPS, a couple of month ago I decided to try out the Borderlands series because I wanted to be ready for TFTB release, just to have an idea of what Telltale is gonna offer us. I played the first one, then the second one, I finished it a couple of days ago. And let me tell you, it wasn't just a lot of fun, it was also a great surprise, because the lore and characters in these games are amazing ! Not only that, but the comedy is so well used and varied. I sincerly wasn't expecting a game to be that funny, juggling from silly to smart and witty to satirical and even dark at times, it was really well done.

Now, it's true that the stories of both games are fairly simplistic, although the second one had its fair share of good plot twists, but it didn't matter, the characters were colorfull enough to make it a ride worthwhile. All unique and creative, a few brillantly caricatural, making for some great and hilarious dialogues. I dare even say that the villain of Borderlands 2 is one of the best villain I've encountered in any video game I played. The excellent voice acting definitely helped a lot. It has a very over-the-top yet completely assumed feel to it, with a world as interesting as it is rich. The games take place during the colonisation of a planet, in a plutocratic univers where corporations have the power. The sci-fi/western setting makes the ambiance of the series all the more define and pleasant. I'm glad I got to experience all of it.

I don't know what else to say without going into spoiler territory. The point that I'm trying to make is that with Gearbox enticing univers and Telltale storytelling, Tales from the Borderlands can be a great game, with a unique story. And yes, there's gonna be a lot of humor, possibly action packed gunfights and crazy dialogues, but guess what, a story doesn't have to be all dark, realistic and settle to be good. A well build world with creative characters and fun dialogues can also get someone involved. I enjoyed TWD and I really liked TWAU, which got me into the very good Fables comic, I'm also looking forward to Telltale's Game of Thrones, but TFTB is gonna be a breath of fresh air in the middle of all those "Time to make a tough decision in a depressing situation".

I invite anyone who's not too uptight about trying something different to play Borderlands 2, it's the better one in my humble opinion. I trust that Telltale can cook us something good.

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    Ellias BANNED

    I personally don't like series over all but I'm still sort of interested in it. The way episode 5 of TWD really determines if I get the game or not. If 5 ends up being rushed and put little effort into, I will not be buying anything from telltale again.

    I've tried borderlands 2 but it bores me, even with the characters. I'm not sure why people consider claptrap best or something, he's annoying. I'm not into open worlds really. I can't say that I'm not into fps since I like alot of fps but this game, just not for me. It's just MY opinion.

    But I'm glad telltale is trying something new, I really look forward into how the 2 main character thing will play out, and the whole loot thing.

  • It will be different when the game comes out.

    This selection of a franchise for a TT game was totally unseeable, and has weirded out both the TTG and BL communities, but when we're able to play the first episode, we're all going to enjoy it as much as TWD and TWAU. There's very little reason why we wouldn't. It's not like they have a team of monkey's making it.

    It's a deep universe and I'm really glad to be exploring it more.

  • The haters that are bashing on this game are probably the same ones who were bashing on The Wolf Among Us as well - before it came out.

    So, yeah, give it time and the game will get the praise it deserves, just look at how well The Wolf Among Us did!

  • yea people really should stop bashing the game when they have not even played it... wanna know something haters? people were doing the same thing when the walking dead was announced and even with the wolf among us and you know how they turned out?

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      Ellias BANNED

      you weren't even here when that happened so stop talking.

      I have every right to bash on this since I've already played borderlands and I really dislike it. Sort of hate it but the hate is coming from the fans that praise this game, Highly overrated.

      • you weren't even here when that happened so stop talking.

        Doesn't make his point any less true.

        I have every right to bash on this since I've already played borderlands and I really dislike it.

        Fair's your opinion, and I think you made that perfectly clear in your first comment on this thread. Care to explain why you felt the need to post two more comments? Overrated? Again, it your opinion, but the people who praised the game actually had good points and arguments, unlike you, who simply bash this game just for the sake of it, or the source material to be exact.

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          Ellias BANNED

          Boring story, poor gameplay, annoying characters, and all just over rated.

          after playing borderlands 1, it was a train wreck. I actually had hope for the series when i decided to play 2 and gave it one last chance and it failed again.

          Also Loot? People go crazy over that and it's literally so perplexing and useless.

          And seriously you read my first comment then just say I bash the game for the sake of it. Senseless really. And why do I put 2 comments? because i'm replying to others and for some reason alot of people are reading my stuff so, that's why. I can state my opinion like you're stating yours.

          • I can state my opinion like you're stating yours.

            Absolutely. That is the first thing I stated in my reply to you above, but there is a difference between stating your opinion, even if it's a negative one and posting flame baiting comments....hence why I said you are just bashing the game for the sake of it. Need examples?

            borderland sucks 3/10 overrated boring story and annoying characters. Jack is like a villain that was pulled from a disney movie.

            This is your comment down below, and it doesn't look like you were engaged in a debate with someone....unless is there something I'm missing?

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              Ellias BANNED

              I never said not to reply did i? No. And I'm just putting my opinion, I don't care if you get all "offended" when I make fun of your video game. That's sad if that's the case here, which it probably is most likely.

              If you cannot tolerate opinions then you shouldn't be on the internet. Not everything will go your way, and not everybody thinks the way you think.

              Edit: I also don't see any rules stating not to put negative opinions about games. Also I don't see a reply limit so I don't see what i'm doing wrong here. I'll continue doing me and you keep doing you.

      • 1.whether you like it or not still does not change that it is true and i have read the first thread on twd forum so yea i can talk

        2.If you have played it and don't like it fair enough that is why i said stop bashing it when they have not even played it cause it is very obvious that a lot of the haters have never played a borderlands game in their life (well at least borderlands 2)

        so calm down

  • I don't know why people bash something without even trying it. Borderlands games have different audience than usual TTG's games. So, maybe people are skeptical about the franchise. I don't know much about Borderlands, besides the fact that it's somesort of sci-fi FPS/RPG. However I believe that there's no reason to be worried.

    I own most TTG games (everything besides Poker, CSI and Law & Order games). While I've been familiar with some franchises, some (for example Strong Bad and Fables) were completely new to me. Despite not knowing the franchise I enjoyed those games. And I believe that TTG's Borderlands game will also be enjoyable, just like their other games.

  • Hey man, I did the same thing as you. I brought Borderlands 2 to be prepared for Tales of Borderlands. Two amazing things stands out in that game and that was the hilarious and amazing dialogue and the bizarre yet very interesting characters. Also, the strange thing was that I never really saw Handsome Jack as the bad guy, more like a jerk who is quite intelligent, funny and sympathetic in a way.

    If Tales of Borderlands have the dialogue and characters, I am ready for it! :D

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    Ellias BANNED

    People who have played the borderland series have every right to bash on this series since they already have a taste in what they're possibly in for. Stop talking.

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      Ellias BANNED

      borderland sucks 3/10 overrated boring story and annoying characters. Jack is like a villain that was pulled from a disney movie.

    • I've played both Borderlands 1 and 2 and they seemed okay to me. Not fantastic or amazing, but I understand the potential of turning this into a story-driven game.

      But I'm not gonna bash it, let alone have the right to, because...

      1. I don't know if this game deserves to be bashed because it hasn't even come out yet
      2. It's being made by a game company that focuses on storytelling, and I like stories in peculiar universe
      3. It's just plain pointless and stupid to bash it

      If you aren't going to buy the game because you didn't like Borderlands, then fine. But don't act like you can speak for everyone who's played it, regardless if they liked it or not. Not everyone's opinion on a game franchise is the same as yours, you know.

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        Ellias BANNED

        I'm not speaking for anybody but myself. I understand stand people's opinion will differ as mine. What the heck? If I thought everybody had the same opinion as mine I wouldn't even mention "opinion" in the first place. I honestly have no idea where the hell you're getting these supposedly points from mine or replies or whatever. Nor do I care.

  • I just think lots of users are overall upset, it started after the VGA's when they made it sound like they were showing TWD S2 tralier and then it was this. After that they adveristed the game more than they adveristed wolf among us at times.

  • I'm going to give it a chance, but I have low expectations not because I think it's going to suck, just because I've never played borderlands and probably won't get alot of the lore and story.

    Edit: jeez I say I have low expectation and I get hate for it. I didn't say it's gonna be bad. Plus I read the link dojo32161 gave me and I'm actually kind of excited for it now.

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