• In the comics, they explain the more popular Fable you are, the harder you are to kill. Thats what makes Fables like Bigby and Snow hard to kill. I guess that apparently the story of Lawrence is more popular than Georgie's.

  • In George's defence I didnt know bout Lawrence either.

  • That's because Georgie is a pussy.

  • Well... Georgie is from a nursery rhyme and Prince Lawrence is from a fairy tale, I think that accounts for the difficulty of killing them. Like Shubbulabbadingdong explained, the more popular a fable is the more difficult they are to kill. If mundies keep making stories of a certain fable, that fable would be difficult to kill.

    Edit: Also, Prince Lawrence continuously tried to commit suicide, his popularity in the mundane world might've been a major cause to which many of his attempts failed.

  • In Georgie's defense, his nursery rhyme is a bit more popular than Lawrence. I had never even heard about Donkeyskin girl until the game. Then again, his guts were hanging out, so...........

  • Never heard of either of them. Lawrence's wounds weren't as fatal as Georgie's too. I mean, sure he got shot in the lung, but Georgie's guts were spewing out all over the place. And I think its because nursery rhymes aren't as well-known as stories/fairy tales. That's what I think at least. I for one, don't recall a lot of nursery rhymes from my childhood.

  • It's because Georgie is not a very popular fable. The more popular the fable, the harder they are to kill. That's why Bigby was able to survive several gun shots and much more serious wounds than Georgie because he is a very popular fable

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    Georgie's nursery rhyme was big when I was growing up but I had no idea about Donkeyskin girl until the game, so the idea of Lawrence surviving all that done to him seems a bit to me. Yeah, Georgie was sliced open but Lawrence was shot, took pils, sliced his wrist and it took him WEEKS before he died. (Depending on what you choose.)

    • There's a difference between a four line rhyme and an entire story. He's tied to the story, which I have read but it was called something else, not Donkey girl, so he's stronger plus, dont underestimate the fact that his GUTS WERE HANGING OUT. I think thats more important than anything.

    • Same here, but the mundane world in The Fables aren't exactly the same as ours.

  • He could probably live for awhile but would suffer much more before eventually succumbing to his wounds, where as you can choose to have Bigby kill him then and end his suffering.

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