• I was thinking that maybe he uploaded his consciousness into a computer and became an AI, so that if he lost the fight, which he did, he wouldn't be done quite yet. That's my best guess.

    I don't mind him coming back, he was a prick but I loved him as a villain.

  • isnt this a sorta prequel. dont shoot i really dk

  • jack was known to have body doubles so it is possible that the one we killed at the end of borderlands 2 was not him or maybe he just uploaded a computer ai version of himself to some type of network who knows really personally I think he just has a ai version of himself and the real jack is dead

    • When interviewed at PAX East (think it was there) GBX said dead is dead so AI looks likely but who knows? Considering Jacks love for himself could just be what the Hyperion mainframe avatar looks like and not be Jack proper. (I hope it's Jack though...)

    • Of course it was actually him when he gets killed. There’s a really obvious giveaway, too...if you wait long enough, while Jack’s ranting about how he could have saved the planet, and blah-blah-blah, eventually he finally stops talking long enough for Lilith to say something along the lines of “Well, this is it, Vault Hunter. Either you kill Jack, or I’ll kill him for you.” You then get an optional objective and can press X/Square (I think) to make Lilith use her Siren powers to finish him off once and for all as revenge for him making her a slave who finishes charging the Vault Key after his daughter Angel’s death.

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