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Get rid of the 'Downvote' option

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(Mods if you are going to move it, let it stay for a little bit so at least some users see it, please) :)

Personally I think that the down vote button should be removed, and before you disagree with me and track me down and attempt to murder me, hear me out.

In theory the down vote button is a great idea it helps see what posts are trolls posts, if a user is incorrect or wrong, and etc.
Sadly this button is beyond misused. Before I made my account I would be in these forums from time to time and I rarely saw the amount of down votes as I see today. Most users would reply if they disagreed with something and I dont recall many down vote trolls. Now days is used just the same way as the up vote button. The general reason for the down vote button I believe, was if a user’s comment was wrong, bad, or incorrect and that’s how it should have been used.

If you actually disagree with someone's post or comment why downvote, it does nothing! Ive seen someone post something along the lines of Clem was 10 in season one and It had about 11 down votes and I don't recall anyone replying! Instead of being lazy actually help this incorrect user out and tell them "No, Clementine was in fact 8 and 9 in season one." To those reading this saying 'We have RIGHT to down vote and disagree' thats fine, you can disagree but if you really disagree youd reply. Its like users on here are so damn sensitive that they down vote every single post they decided they dont like instead of replying and actually explaining why they don’t like a certain post. Down voting does not resolve and situation whatsoever.

For those who think it tells if a post is a troll post or not, it doesnt. Posts that are very minority based will get downvoted so easily. If you say you dont want Clementine as protagonist in Season 3 you will get a huge load of down votes even if your reasoning is legit and this goes to any opinion that lots of users disagree with. Troll posts will get up votes for some reason anyways so there is a very little difference between a post that maybe will only be agreed by a minority and a post that is outright trolling. Also wouldn’t getting rid of the down vote option eliminate the whole Down voting trolls issue I mean it’s so annoying to go on a thread and every single comment as 2 down votes for no reason.

There’s also those users who dont give a flying crap on how many downvotes they get, and honestly I envy you. No matter how much I try I will re check all my comments about every hour to see how many down votes Ive gotten and when I do I say to myself "Why can't that user just reply to me?" or "What did I do wrong that made them down vote me?" I wish I could change how I act around that but Ive acted like this since I was a little kid. The sad truth is many of us are unable to just not care whenever we get down votes. Ive had days that I feel so bad about myself that I dont want to even want to comment how I feel about an opinion because Im worrying about being down voted, but I love criticism.

When someone disagrees with me and actually replies, it is great, I can understand why they disagree with me and I dont feel bad about myself. I now know why they disagree with me and I can understand. The down vote button is misused and in my opinion, pointless. If you really disagree with something just reply and say why you disagree and dont pull the 'lazy' excuse, grow up and share your opinion instead of saying Im lazy so I will just down vote instead of helping the situation I've heard other forums getting rid of them and it really helps some annoying situations. I think the down vote button should be removed, but keep the up vote option. Anyways thanks for reading my little 'rant'

It seems that im not the only one feeling this way

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(Excuse all grammar mistakes, there was an awkward transition between word document and this and a ton of the words got messed up, id tried to fix most of them but i dont think i got 100% of them. Sorry about that)

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    This should probably be posted in TellTake Talk section.

  • I think that when you hover over the like or dislike thumb it should show who liked or disliked your post.

  • Yeah, though the dislike trolls will be very upset with this post since if it is gone they won't be able to downvote. :)

    Seriously though, it has it's cons and pros.

  • I can see why you don't want the down vote option... but it kind of restricts our opinions.

    • Not really. You are free to say you (respectfully, lest you wish to feel the bannhammer's wrath) disagree by replying to the comment and saying that you disagree. Stating why you disagree may be more productive to the discussion, but not absolutely necessary. There is no restriction on your ability to express yourself whatsoever.

      • You don't need a reason or to state why you disagree about something, sometimes we disagree about things for absolutely no reason, I think a dislike would be better than someone commenting - "I disagree with you because I just do".

        • That's why I think just removing anonymity would be a great compromise. I think we should keep the downvote feature. Disqus (a commenting system used on many online newspapers/magazines/etc.) got rid of their downvoting feature and it kind of sucked. Retain the downvote feature, yet remove anonymity. It would remove the cowardly compulsion of incessant anonymous troll downvoters who downvote very neutral posts, yet allow people who disagree to express their disagreement.

          • That's why I think just removing anonymity would be a great compromise.

            And its success will be determined by the ability of the people here not to read too much into each name, but it is an alternative.

        • Alright, but you are saying that its removal would restrict your opinions. It does not. I think, however that really asking ourselves the why, even if we do not post a response is healthy. Reading into someone's comment, or even when listening to people in real life, it is easy to dismiss and give no thought to what people are actually saying.

          • It's much more simple to give a simple dislike than to explain all the reasons why you dislike it. You have your opinions and I have mine, it doesn't mean either of us are right on this topic, it's different for each person. Also, you have a higher chance of making someone mad, sad or maybe even happy if you leave a comment, but this doesn't mean we should be restricted to giving our opinions through comments instead of expressing our opinions with a simple click.

  • I am pretty neutral towards the downvote, myself. I use it, I have received downvotes, but rarely in the sometimes staggering amounts that people with unpopular opinions - whatever they may be - do. I think its removal would ultimately lead to more productive discussions, eliminating this forum's fixation with giving and receiving them. I understand how many people view them as a personal attack and can be intimdated into silence, which goes against the basic point of the forum's existence.

  • You mention it doesn't matter yet have written an essay about it. gentle clap Bravo. You wasted all of that time on something that didn't matter. Achievement Unlocked!

    • When did I say it doesn't matter? The whole point of this was reasons why the down vote option should be removed. I don't recall saying

      "I think the downvote option should be removed but it doesn't really matter"

      EDIT: After scrolling through your profile you are most likely someone who likes to get a rise out of users for your own pleasure. So have fun with that,

      • The down vote button is misused and in my opinion, pointless ---

        Once you admit that it's pointless, then nothing should really matter. I couldn't care less how people 'vote' anonymously anyway. It's silly that anyone would. But if that's such a huge concern in your life, I'm sorry... or envious. I'm not sure which.

        EDIT: If stating my opinion gets a rise out of users then you are correct. I don't check the forums hourly like some people. I'll state my opinion and move on... I have other things to accomplish then winning 'internet wars' or whatever they do here.

        • Clearly you didn't understand me.

          The down vote button is so misused that it's original reason is gone, therefore it has become pointless and in my opinion should be removed. Once again never said its pointless in the sense that it I don't care about it.

  • How to deal with downvotes

    Step 1: Don't care about them

    Step 2: Repeat

    Problem solved.

  • i fully agree with the OP, the downvote option discourages discussions because it gives people a lazy option to disagree, rather than forcing them to write down their motives, and it's sort of the same about upvoting, only you can't really make a 12 lines post about agreeing with someone, so it's not that much of an issue.

  • Honestly downvote button is stupid, it only causes problems, I'm sure number one downvote button users are trolls, that button is not used properly and most of the times it's used to annoy people, I'm pretty sure i can prove what I said, in some minutes I'm getting a troll dislike, like many of the comments up here, so yeah, dislike button should be erased.

    Edit: less than 15 seconds to get downvoted.

  • Yeah I agree I mean look at the person who is down voting your guys comments.

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