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Boxer - DOS Games

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Hey, I just downloaded "boxer" (mac equivalent of Dosbox)

So, can anybody recommend any good dos games?
(I already played all the lucasarts ones with SCUMMVM)
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    The Apogee (now 3D Realms) back catalog is a good place to start: (scroll 2/3's of the way down for the demos)
  • I'll just post my list of favorite games and then some of the games that I at least liked. No particular order.

    Albion - huge RPG-style world. Think on a Morrowind scale, only with a different world and environment and in 2D (mostly, there some simple 3D maps for dungeons).

    Tyrian - an amazing shmup with tons of weapons that can be upgraded tons, stores, lots of secrets and bonus levels, special "mails" and briefings you can read inbetween missions (optionally), lots of humor (in mails and secrets - carrot ship anyone?)... In short, I love it. It's my favourite shmup.
    There's also its revamped version, Tyrian 2000. Some messages/mails changed and I think there's an extra episode.

    Secret Agent - an old, challenging low-color platformer from Apogee.
    Crystal Caves - same as Secret Agent, but with some different gameplay objects and a different environment.

    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure - Also by Apogee, a very unique platformer about a green alien kid with suction cups for hands, who gets lost on a planet while he was supposed to go to Disney World with his parents. :P

    Duke Nukem 1, 2 and 3D - Also all by Apogee (and later 3D realms). All three games play quite differently and all of them are awesome games in my opinion. Windows and Linux ports of Duke3D are available, but I'm not sure anyone ever managed to compile it natively for the Mac.

    Civilization/Colonization - you've probably heard of these games. Windows versions are available but those are pretty crashy, so play the DOS versions instead.

    Bubble Pop - a silly little Bubble Bobble (was that the name?) clone.

    Interpose - probably not very well-known, but it's a nice and polished shmup featuring... space cats. In a war against humans. Kind of a silly set-up, though the actual game lacks the humor (it's all serious and sci-fi).

    Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf - somewhat childish, but really nice and polished. And fun, and not too easy actually!

    Jazz Jackrabbit - awesome platformer about a Rambo-like green rabbit who has to rescue his girl from the clutches of an evil turtle. Recommendation. Also try Jazz Jackrabbit 2 for Windows!

    Commander Keen - 7 games about a boy genius who travels the planets in order to save the galaxy - and be back in time before dinner (sort of)! Another recommendation, especially Keen 4 and 5.

    One Must Fall 2097 - now freeware, this is a fighting game that is a bit different - humongous robots fight against eachother and you win money as you defeat the enemy so you can upgrade lots of parts on your robot (or buy a new robot).

    Skyroads - Also freeware now. Not quite a racer, not quite 2D or 3D... This game is all about jumping on platforms in space with some sort of race mobile to the end of the track. Difficult, but fun.

    Supaplex - a boulderdash almost-clone with more than 100 ultra-challenging levels. It also has a very computery theme to it. It's freeware I believe.

    ...I'm sure there are dozens of other games I could name at one later point (gotta find a whole bunch of them again, too), but above listed games are classics - each and every one of them.
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