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Can you remember many times where Snow White used profanity?

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The Wolf Among Us (just like The Walking Dead) is a very, very vulgar game (not that that's a bad thing of course).

But for some reason, there is one thing about this game's dialogues that I can't seem to remember; an instant, any instant actually, of Snow White directly using profanity. Yeah, Snow White didn't get into doing much of the police work that Bigby did (which in turn would leave her less predisposed to be agitated), but honestly, really, I can't remember even one instance off the top of my had when Snow White swore. I played through the game twice (the second time making all the opposite (or different if 3+ alternative) choices), and the game's story and script are pretty fresh in my mind, but I can't recall (at least off the top of my head) any time when Snow White swore.

And I'm betting that even if there is an instance(s), it's/they're probably isolated.

So can you recall anytime when Snow White swore off the top of your head?

And even if you do, do you agree that Snow swore far less than pretty much any other character?

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