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The Wolf Among Us Season 1 is much better than The Walking Dead Season 2

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Anyone agree? I mean sure TWD Season 1 is better than both of them in my opinion but
TWAU is just superior to TWD Season 2 in every way

  • We don't know what happens! You should wait until we play TWAU season 2! Than you can discuss!

  • The Wolf Among Us is way better than the walking dead itself.

  • Yes I have to say I enjoyed Wolf a lot more than s2 of TWD. Whether or not the entire Wolf series is better than Walking Dead we have to wait for a s2.

  • We cannot say that because s2 didn't finish . However twau is better than 4 episodes of s2 twd but s1 twd is way better

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I agree, and even though I personally say this because I like the premise/story better, I think other people are saying this for two reasons - firstly, it seems that Wolf Among Us has better characterization than Walking Dead Season 2, and secondly, Wolf Among Us has the new gameplay style in its first season (meaning people had no previous expectations), whereas people expected Season 2 to have the same gameplay/episode length as Season 1.

  • I think its easily better than season 2 of TWD.

    Season 1 of the TWD vs TWAU is a closer comparison.

  • Before playing episodes 2, 3 and 4 I had a strong feeling that S2 would be my least fav Telltale Game (of the 3 "choice-based" ones that're out, TWDS1&S2 and TWAU).

    After playing episode 4, I still feel that. The way season 2's been going... I'm sorry, but unless Episode 5 is a MASSIVE, MONUMENTAL, EXTREMELY UNPRECEDENTED improvement over the rest of the season, S2's going to be my least favorite of Telltale's 3 choice-based games. And as of now, yes I really do agree, Season 2 is inferior to The Wolf Among Us.

    Now that all said, I, just barely, do like TWDS1 more than The Wolf Among Us. Barely...

  • Yes.

    [Plays The Wolf Among Us' intro theme and walks down the stairs like a baws]

  • I'm still not entirely sure. Maybe I'll have a fully-formed opinion after playing TWD Season 2 Episode 5, but at the moment I have issues with both series that make it difficult to be conclusive.

    I suppose if I was FORCED to give an opinion, I think it would be a case of TWD S1 > TWAU > TWD S2, purely because The Wolf Among Us has had (as others have stipulated) better character development and such for the most part than TWD S2. On the other hand, there are some aspects of TWAU's ending and the overall plot itself which don't quite satisfy me so... like I say, I think I'll wait until Episode 5 of TWD S2 has been released to give a final answer.

  • I slightly disagree, I think they're both just as good. My only real complaint is that I miss the length of the walking dead season 1 episodes. But the content is definitely more quality centered.

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