Prepare for Unnecessary Hate

In the YouTube comments of the TFTB announcement trailer, a lot of people are like "why the hell are they making it a point and click" and "Telltale games suck overall." and "Borderlands should always be a FPS"

So when this amazing game (in our opinions at least) gets released finally, expect for it to get a lot of unnecessary hate.

EDIT: It was not just hate from Telltale users. Most of the hate was from people who had no experience with Telltale games and just want to bash on them turning Borderlands into a point-and-click game.


  • We already get a lot of hate from the TTG community itself.

    But you know what the best way to counter hate is?

    1. Don't post in hateful threads.

    2. Counter with positive threads of your own

    3. Promote discussion between people in the community who are looking forwards to this game.

    The initial negative reaction to the game is exactly why I made this thread:

  • @Trentest0 already gave the best advice in regards to the hate this game, which didn't even come out receives. Even though I wasn't around back then, a similar thing happened with TWAU as well, and most people, even the ones who hated it ended up liking it, while some of them still hated it with a passion.

    For example, I never read the comments regarding news/trailers about TWAU on youtube, especially on Telltale's channel.I assume you already saw the wave of negative comments it always received, right? Anyway, I suggest if you want to watch a video regarding news or a trailer do it without reading the comments...much more easier that way.

  • Don't pay attention to the Youtube comments, whether they are trolling or not, a lot of them contain pure idiocy in general.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    When The Walking Dead was first announced a user on the forum created a thread called A Petition, and Protest, Against This Game and it ended up being one of Telltales most successful games ever.

    People tend to hate on things before seeing or even playing them which seems a bit illogical to me. From a personal experience when it was first announced i was unsure about it because i didn't know much about the Borderlands universe but i never hated the idea of it, recently i have done some research by watching videos and reading about it and the universe and humour looks really interesting and i am starting to get excited about it.

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    Well, this game might be the reason Telltale hasn't mentioned anything about a second season of TWAU in case they haven't even abandoned that idea yet.I'm not hating this game because I may end up liking it but seriously TT has to let us know if they want to make a 2nd season or not.

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    They don't usually announce their seasons so early in advance. The Walking Dead is a rare exception (and that might have something to do with the fact that Telltale licensed multiple games for The Walking Dead right from the start). The announcement for The Wolf Among Us didn't contain that clause, but that doesn't mean that a second season won't be coming, it just means that if it is it probably won't be announced until closer to release. The other games that had sequels (Sam & Max, CSI, Poker Night, Puzzle Agent) weren't announced until fairly close to their release.

  • This gets my hopes up, thank you :)

  • Ok so why is this a surprise? It's the borderland fanbase/fps and most importantly the internet.

  • Like Jennifer said, Walking Dead was a very rare occasion. They tend to announce games about a year (give or take a few months) of the release date. So we should just be patient and wait :)

    And Telltale is going to PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of the month, so maybe we will hear something there.

  • I am hoping so :(

  • i mainly came from the borderlands franchise to this game, and i dont care to have a point and click borderlands game. i mean this game will make the borderlands universe grow in so much ways.. i loved the borderlands universe but i felt like it had some things missing in it because it was more gameplay focused game and they didnt wanted the lore and story hurt the gameplay in any way. ive watched and read some of telltales works and i know they only gonna do good to this franchise. this game is gonna be great

  • I'm coming here from the Walking Dead forum, swimming in unnecessary hate for all kinds of characters (well, all kinds of characters whose names don't begin with the letterK)(owaitno *has flashbacks to 'Katjaa is evil' thread)

    Trust me, they're annoying, but we can overcome them. Just use reasoned arguments, as they sure as hell won't.

  • A point and click borderlands game would be amazing as it will have to do only with the story. It'going to be another Telltale's masterpiece

  • thats what happens if you try to turn a gameplay focused game into a point and click story game
    no idea what telltale was thinking pretty sure most people who like Borderlands (I sure as hell don't) won't get this because it doesn't
    have weapons and you can't shoot stuff

    Instead many who like TWAU and TWD will be disappointed because they don'T want Telltale to waste resources on this

  • Well, I can tell you that many of us who like Borderlands will be getting this game, regardless of the gameplay. I honestly couldn't care less if TFTB had no guns or shooting scenes (even though it has been confirmed many times that the game will have scripted shooting scenes and some form of loot system), because I'll be playing the game for the story and the humour. I didn't expect anything else, but if the game has more to offer, that's even better, and I'm sure a lot of Borderlands fans feel the same way about this.

    As for your other point about Telltale fans, just look around these forums for a little. You'll find tons of people who'll play TFTB just because it's a Telltale game and they know that Telltale is capable of producing fantastic games. Obviously we can't say anything about it yet, but the reviews so far have been positive. So if it turns out to be a good game, I'm certain that even more people will buy it. If you don't like the Borderlands universe, that's completely fine, but at least try to be positive about a game that has great potential and hasn't even been released yet.

  • It's unfair how they judge without even trying it out.

    The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Season 2 were amazing, The Wolf Among Us was amazing. Hell, I even liked Jurassic Park, which could be considered the most unsuccessfull Telltale game ever.

    Tales From The Borderlands will be an awesome game aswell. I'm looking forward to play this game, even though I'm more hyped for Game Of Thrones.

    But it will be a nice way to make the wait for The Walking Dead: Season 3 a lot less painful, which I hope will be released next year (in 13 or 14 months probably/hopefully).

  • The difference between the hate in the TWD forum and the hate uttered by some random youtube commenters is elementary.

    The latter won't like the game, probably won't play it and therefore won't exactly come into the respective discussion forum.

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