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Things that annoy you about this community [rant thread]

posted by BigBlindMax on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users

I've been here for more than 5 months now. While the community has struggled and changed since then, this special group of people still keeps me coming back...

Still, that's not to say the same people don't annoy the hell out of me sometimes. There are a couple things in particular, that are starting to get under my skin lately and I know a lot of people feel the same. So, let's clear the air and get shit in the open. Consider this a chance to vent and maybe convince some folks to change their behavior.

DO NOT single out users, especially by name! If you have beef with someone in particular, the two of you can go to the Random Stuff/Battle-Rap thread where it belongs. ;)

What annoys you about this community? (This thread is long enough as is, I'll post mine below)

  • My personal shitlist

    1.) "Am I the only one that...?" If I earned a dollar for every thread I saw with these accursed words in the title, I wouldn't need student loans. Don't get it twisted; I woulldn't care if people used it appropriately; likely when tthey're sharing a really unpopular or "out there" opinion. Thing is, nobody uses it that way! 'Am I the only one who dislikes Cluke?' 'Am I the only one who fetishizes facial hair?' 'Am I the only one who thinks Wellington is overrun/Kenny is a rabid nutcase/Luke is a bitchy, irresponsible turd?' 'Am I the only one who presents my opinions this way, so people are forced to validate them?" Worst of all are the titles that don't even include a subject. "Am I the only one who..." I don't care how intelligent or thoughtful your opinion is, I'm not opening your thread because the title is fucking stupid.

    Alt text

    2.) Redundant threads are redundant: I've been seeing a lot more of this lately. The first few pages of TWD's sub-forum are packed with threads about the same damn topics. Some of them are great additions to the conversation that bring interesting new perspectives to the table, but the vast majority don't. Most of the time, they just tell us they're opinion on the topic at hand, which is fine, I guess... My question is: why the fuck did you decide to start a new thread instead of just adding your two-cents to one of the hundreds of identical discussions floating around? After some thought, I've determined that most Redundant Rick's fall into one of two categories.

    A.) Newcomers or children who are too inexperienced/lazy to look around a bit or use the search function.

    B.) Soapbox preachers who believe their opinion is so fresh and revolutionary that its needs, NO, IT DEMANDS it's own discussion (read: it usually doesn't).

    Whatever the case may be we need a sticky with a list of topics that have been "done to death" that discourages people from creating redundant threads and re-directs them to existing discussions. My candidates for inclusion are...

    • Pizza vs. ice Cream (bonus points for the cringe-inducing analogy)
    • Clementine should remain as protagonist/go away
    • I _____ Kenny!
    • You fucked everything up, Telltale! Can't even make a simple, fucking adventure-game without me here cracking the whip?!

    Lately, people have been complaining about others shitting on their opinions, but I think a lot of the hate is due to other users getting fed up with those topics in general.


    Well that's it. Sorry if I came off as harsh, but I enjoyed that. :)

  • I don't really hate anything and I don't hate anyone.

  • [Innocuous statement of unpopular opinion with valid lines of evidence and clear, detailed justification] -> 20 downvotes

    'No, you're wrong' -> 20 upvotes

  • What I hate the most

    1) When someone says something like "bring on the downvotes!" "I know I am gonna get downvoted for this" "There is a dislike troll among us!" These things make me absolutely cringe and make me wanna roll myself up into a ball and fall down 17 flights of stairs (not really :P but you get what I mean). Are dislikes such an important thing and so annoying to soem that they have to take us off the course of a thread just to bring this up? Sure I get it, it sucks to be downvoted for your opinion, but I think that you should keep to yourself and not take others from the topic of a thread just to say that you've been downvoted, we can see it ourselves and it doesn't need to be created into a big thing.

    2) Apple pie haters

  • What annoys me the most is the obsessions with clementine and the topics saying no clementine no buy.While I get everyone has an opinion it annoys me when I say I want a new character or have a contrary opinion I get disliked and scolded.

    Another thing that annoys me is when people make like 20 threads that are all pretty much the same thing that's been said already

    Also the overuse of the down vote button when anyone gives a different opinion. Personally I only down vote if someone says something offensive and out of line.

    • I agree one hundred freaking percent about the Clementine obsession. Some of these people are starting to ruin my image of Clem for me with all these obsessive rants and posts about #NoClemNoBuy. Its like the whole "If Daryl dies we riot" thing from the show! The show and comics have never just been about a single character no matter how much it seems like it. The game shouldn't either! I will buy s3 if Clem isn't in it, and I will buy s3 if she is. I will buy s3 just because of my love for TWD and Telltale, and I just wish everyone could do the same!

      Sorry I really needed to get that out.

  • Can't disagree with even a single thing. Upvoted.

  • I hate it when people diss other people's opinions instead of respecting them. I mean, if you don't like their opinion just respond back with an answer explaining why - don't downvote them and swear at them and flag them like a lot of people do.

    And I also really hope Telltale gets rid of the dislike option. People on this forum have a triggerfinger for them.

  • The one thing that really annoys me is how a user can get away with 20 plus likes with their thread, only by typing one sentence and/or by posting a picture - whereas a person who actually puts time and effort into their thread gets half or even less than that.

    • I agree. If you can simplify it, great. But if a topic needs more writing to get its point across. then take the time to read it.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I'm not saying it's fair, but it might be because shorter text/images have more readability for typical users. Of course, however, longer posts are typically more engaging for discussion though, and those tend to receive more comments (which should be what matters more in the long run) anyways.

    • You raise a good point, but this isn't always the case. My Ep. 5 shootout theory was surprisingly popular (60+ Likes) and that was pretty lengthy. I think that breaking it up with pictures and other formatting tricks definitely helped.

    • You three do bring up good points. I still wish that every sensible thread that has a decent length should get an adequate amount of likes or activity, y'know? Instead of them getting 5 likes and only 10 comments or something. (just to provide an example)

  • Repetition posts annoy me as well. If you want to talk about the same topic, just have one long discussion about it... sort of like the post BigBlindMax has for Wolf s2.

  • I dislike the fact that some people keep insulting other peoples' opinions or theories, at least if they aren't just spam/trolling ones.

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