This will help solve alot of problems

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To download your software, please follow these instructions:
Step 1: Go to Enter you order number and password and click submit.
Step 2: Right click on the "Begin HTTP Download" button.
Step 3: Choose "Save Target As"
Step 4: Choose where you would like to save your download. We recommend saving it to your Desktop. Click "Save". Your Software will begin downloading at this time.
Step 5: Once your download is complete, you must install it. To easily install your software, go to where you saved the download and double click on the software icon. This will begin your installation process

Try may help solve alot of registration key issues.


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    Does this install a pre-registered version of the game?

    (I'm loathe to do another 75Mb download on dialup if it is the exact same file as I already downloaded successfully yesterday).
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    JP, I figured it out finally. Does your splash screen have a red "CUSTOMER SERVICE" link all the way at the top? I'm not sure if i I missed that one the first time around, or if it was there all along. If it's not there, I would download the one from There you're able to put your orderid and pwd.
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    You shouldn't have to re-download your game. :)
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    Cool Heather - I'll just keep playing through the demo portion until Customer Service sends me a key I guess. Or do some work.

    apignarb, yeah, it's after I click through that link and enter my order number an password that I get a small 'retreiving key' box, and then an error message comes up (I posted the error message in this thread.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. I remember that was your problem now! Are you sure you don't have windows firewall or something running without you knowing it? If you're running xp, check control panel/network THINGIES (sorry, i'm running a norwegian windows), and there should be something called "change settings for the windows firewall". You could try turning it off, atleast for the registering part, and see if it works then?
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    I tried this and now I get the big error box that says something about the internet connection. I think someone already posted a picture of this error box on another thread. Anyway, I've downloaded this thing three times and no luck yet. Sure would like to see what happens when he hits the ground! Hope you guys get it worked out soon. Keep us posted.

    Thanks, ~Kim~
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    Also, if you have already installed the trial version, you will see a button marked "Finish" instead of "Download".

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