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All around polls for Wolf

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Polls are becoming a popular thing in the The Walking Dead forum so here are some polls for Wolf. Tell us your answers in the comments as well, and if you make a poll post the link in the comments and I will add it here.

EDIT: For most of these you can pick more than one so be sure to get all of your opinions in :)

















NEW: 17)

    1. F YES
    2. Bigby
    3. Georgie
    4. A Crooked Mile
    5. Male: Bigby, Female: Snow
    6. Jersey Devil fight
    7. Georgie's chase scene
    8. Bigby
    9. The Crooked Man
    10. Whitching Well
    11. Yes
    12. No, but I want to see both in the future
    13. Nerissa was Faith
    14. Turn him into a crow and imprison him
    15. 400 Days type DLC were you play as other Fables
    16. Human form
    17. Boy Blue
    1. F**k yes

    2. Other: bloody Mary.

    3. Bloody Mary

    4. Cry wolf

    5. Male: Bigby, Female: Snow.(bloody Mary is the hottest female though.)

    6. Bloody Mary's fight

    7. Georgie fight scene

    8. Tough choice its between Bigby and Mary. Probably bigby but Mary is definitely hotter :P

    9. Crooked man

    10. The witching well.

    11. Yes, thinking of starting the books if I can find where to read them.

    12. No, but I want to see it in the future.

    13. Faith was Nerissa. Atleast the Nerissa we knew in the game.

    14. Best way? Throwing him down the well probably just to be safe, but my favorite way is choking him to death.

    15. All sound so good and I wouldn't mind any of them so just give me more wolf :D

    16. Full wolf.

    17. Never read the comics,but I know rose red is hot and is snow's sister so give me her.

    1. F Yeah!
    2. Bigby
    3. Bloody Mary
    4. Cry wolf
    5. Male: Bigby, Female: snow
    1. Fuck N- I mean Yes!
    2. Other > Bloody Mary
    3. Bloody Mary
    4. Cry Wolf
    5. Male: Bigby, Female: Nerissa (Bloody Mary though :))
    6. Bloody Mary fight
    7. Georgie Chase
    8. Bloody Mary's final form
    9. The Crooked Man is best Determinant
    10. The Lucky Pawn
    11. Bitch it might be!
    12. I like this plot better. Sounds more plausible
    13. It was Faith there all along
    14. Throw him down the well
    15. Answer Faith/Nerissa question
    16. Partial Wolf
    17. Cindy
    1. Fuck yes
    2. Other: Georgie Porgie
    3. Tie; Georgie and Jersey
    4. A crooked mile
    5. Male: Gren Female: Either Snow, Vivian or Mary :)
    6. Bloody Mary
    7. Georgie's car scene
    8. Tie between Jersey and Mary
    9. Crooked Man
    10. Trip Trap and Pudding n' Pie
    11. Yes!
    12. No but I'd love to see the original idea someday! :)
    13. Nerissa was Faith
    14. Imprisoned him as a crow
    15. Play as another Fable. Not sure WHO
    16. Full wolf
    17. Rose Red
  • NIce! If you guys know of any polls or made one just give me the URL and I will post it in the discussion.

  • Why is there not a choice for Woody? That man is a stud.

  • 1.) Fuck Yes

    2.) Bigby

    3.) Bloody Mary

    4.) Faith

    5.) Male: Bigby, Female: Snow

    6.) Bloody Mary's Fight

    7.) Georgie's Chase

    8.) Bigby (He huffs and he puffs and he blows your shit away.)

    9.) Prince Lawrence

    10.) The Business Office (All that shit in the background, you have to stop and carefully look around to see everything.)

    11.) Yes (But I'm reading Fables now and it's amazing.)

    12.) No, but I want to see both in the future.

    13.) Faith was Nerissa (Many people think otherwise, but if you listen to certain clues out of the many quotes Bigby hears at the end of Episode 5, it would make more sense. Bufkin can be heard saying "would hide her beauty so she could escape his kingdom", hearing this quote would make since if the Nerissa Bigby sees is actually Faith, glamoured, or "hiding her beauty" so she can leave. Snow tells Bigby that "[Swineheart] wanted to run more tests", this could mean that the glamour of "Faith's" head, which was sent to Swineheart, wore off while he was looking at it. This is what I believe.)

    14.) Throw him down the Witching Well. I would've imprisoned him, but the bastard tried to strangle me, so.

    15.) I really don't give a fuck, but they better just make more Wolf.

    16.) Full Wolf (The huffing and puffing was some rad shit.)

    17.) Cindy & Boy Blue

    1. Fuck yes!

    2. Bigby

    3. Bloody Mary

    4. Cry Wolf

    5. Male: Bigby. Female: Snow.

    6. Bloody Mary fight

    7. Georgie Porgie chase!

    8. Bigby!

    1. FUCK YES!
    2. Bigby
    3. Bloody Mary
    4. Cry Wolf
    5. Bigby and Nerissa
    6. Bloody Mary fight
    7. Georgie's chase scene
    8. Bloody Mary
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