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Make up "leaked" choices for S2E5

posted by DomeWing333 on - last edited - Viewed by 18.9K users

Apparently there's a fake list of "leaked" choices going around for "No Going Back" that have people thinking they're real. Looking over at these choices, they didn't strike me as being particularly convincing. I think we can do better.

So here's the challenge: using your knowledge of the series and Telltale's choices, try to come up with the most plausible-sounding fake choices for episode 5 that you can think of. Here are mine:

Diplomacy: How did you stop Maud from shooting?

  • Talked her down
  • Threatened Arvo

Vigilance: What was your job?

  • Stayed with the baby
  • Scouted ahead

Leadership: Who went across the ice first?

  • Clementine
  • Mike

Empathy: Helped Bonnie?

  • Went back for Bonnie
  • Kept running

Humanity: Accepted Wellington's offer?

  • Accepted
  • Declined
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