How long do you think Telltale will stay with the current gens?

I feel like Telltale will stick with 360 and Ps3 till the series finale (not season) of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, since both of those are multiple season projects (I'm assuming GoT will be one as well). Also if they ever release a Wolf s2. When do you think they will stop with the current gens?


  • I think they stay with last gen/current gen(360,PS3) till 2016 then will go fully over to the next gen(x1,ps4). Tales, walking dead and game of thrones will definitely becoming to last gen(to big a market not to).

    All im all I think they stick with last gen till GOT, tales, and walking dead are done and if TWAU has season 2 they will probably stick with last gen.

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