Clementine to be bitten in 'No Going Back'?

Do you guys think a walker will bite Clementine through her jacket on her left arm (where the dog bit her) and she'll have to amputate it. She could disagree to cutting it off but Kenny could argue that Clem cut Saritas arm off without permission so they have a right. Luke would be worried. I'm not sure about Bonnie or Mike.

But with the whole season talking about bites, amputation and such. What do you guys think? Will Clementine be bitten in 'No Going Back'?



  • As much as I want to say I don't want TellTale to take the same route as the first season, she might get bitten. I feel as if she does, the difference will be that she survives the amputation and clears of the infection in time. Although if that were the case, I'm not sure she'd be the protagonist for Season 3, because it's not like we could do many important choices with one arm. We'll see in due time.

  • If she's gets bitten, Lee's death would be pointless. Lee fought to his last breath to protect Clem and for her to survive in this new world.

  • She already survived at least 16 months after his death, I think Lee's death is already justified. I'm probably the only person on these forums who genuinely would be extremely saddened, but not have the game ruined for me if Clem got bit.

  • I don't want it to happen but there's a possibility it will.

    If it does, I predict she'll react like how Lee did when he was bit but this time, the scene will cut to black and credits will roll as well as our minds.

    I seriously hope not though, LONG LIVE CLEM!

  • It would make for a much more interesting character for Season 3 if you played as a walker-bite survivor, a one armed teenager at that.

  • Yea I like that idea. Never thought of that :)

  • I agree, and I'm worried that Telltale is going to let themselves bend to the fan's will too much.

    If Clementine dies, so be it. I won't like it, but it's how The Walking Dead works. Fans shouldn't be able to stop it because they spam NOCLEMNOBUY on the forums.

  • I don't think Telltale has the guts....If they do something like that, i think it would be better for it to be a bite in the leg. At least then maybe Arvo can help creating something for her to walk? I don't know, in my opinion it might be a little easier to play as a person with both arms. (If she's the protagonist of the next season)

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    Killing off the closest thing to a central character isn't "realistic" or 'edgy', it's bad storytelling for the sake of nothing but shock value. It's easier and actually more 'cowardly' to write off children and other vulnerable characters in an apocalypse than to actually take the effort to make their survival convincing. And what, so we can go back to playing a tough guy again?

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    fun fact : the people who say finishing Clem's story this season is ok are the ones who say there's nothing wrong with this season's writing, so don't really take these people seriously because they have absolutely no idea what good storytelling is.

  • Imagine if Clementine was immune...

  • So it's literally impossible to tell a good story involving Clementine's death? That's honestly hard to believe.

  • Not true at all. I think that there's a LOT wrong with the writing in this season, but I wouldn't hold anything against Telltale if Clementine died.

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    I would be glad that Clem lived, but in TWD Universe:"That's fucking stupid Ben"

  • She couldn't die (Clem = $$$), but if she does, it probably won't be a bite that gets her. Repeating the same formula would be dumb, hypothermia would be an option. After Rebeccas hypothermia death also unlikely but fuck it... Here's the closing scene

    She all alone with that baby which is pretty near dead, everyone else is dead, Kenny, Luke, that generic black dude, she's tired, she falls down and craw herself next to a tree and go to sleep aaand dies baby in her hands, just like Rebecca... THE END. Thank you for playing, buy our DLC 900 days which is going to be 'super important' in S3.

  • Generic Black dude? He has a name, It's Mike, And he will eat the shit out of that raccoon...

  • Oh yeah, Mike... and his finest moment, wanting to eat shit out of the raccoon, sorry but im not liking him. Betwnen commenting about southern uniform bullshit and eatin raccoon, uninteresting character.

  • It's possible I guess. I wouldn't be surprised if Clem got bitten. But it would seem like sort of a anti climatic way for her to go out.

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    That's your opinion so fine by me, but I respectfully disagree... But either way TeamBike will probably die in episode 5 :(...

  • Fine, and i respectfully agree of you disagreeing buddy.

  • IfClemdiesweriot!!!

  • No, I don't think the plot for No Time Left is going to happen to Clementine.

  • If Clem gets bitten in Episode 5, I will drive all the way to Telltale Studios in San Rafael and leave a very angry post-it note on their door. I'll probably also bring them some nice homemade cookies and a teddy bear just to show my appreciation for Season 1, but still, there will also be a VERY angry post-it note!!

  • I don't think Lee expected her to never die.

  • I saw leaked choices she doesn't die

  • You just summed up my personality in one post. XD Take my upvote, that was hilarious.

  • In Russia, zombies get bitten by Clem!

  • If they do that then Telltale has lost all creativity.

  • I definitely hope not, it would be difficult to make a transition with choices from Season 1 & Season 2 to Season 3, unless Kenny is playable next. BTW, I don't think you should be giving TTG ideas!!!

  • Ironic to ask if Clementine will get bit, when it happens in every episode through failed quick time events.

  • Hey, guess what, I'm planning on becoming a writer, and have focused on studying what is good writing since 4th grade, and I think finishing Clem's story this season is fine. Season 1 was Lee's story, and that is the story that Telltale wanted to tell. Lee's story ends with his death, and that's just how it goes. I'm not even mildly upset that Lee died, at least from a game standpoint. It was heartbreaking, yeah, but that's what they wanted. If they want to continue Clem's story, that's fine. Kill her off? I'm fine with that. Leave it ambiguous, and just transition to a different character? That's fine. It's Telltale's story, and this is what your presented with. You don't have to like it, but don't ask them to change it because you don't want 'em to do something. If it's well presented, then I'll agree with anything. So far, season 2 is flawed, very much so, but I love it for what it is.

  • I found this extremely funny XD

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    It would just feel like a repeat of last season. Maybe in season three, if it's still about Clem, but I still hope not.

  • This has nothing to do with the situation, but you are currently my favorite person on the forums right now. I have agreed with literally everything you've said.

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    Hey, guess what, I know a lot of people who went to school to become writers and after years and years they ended up being shitty writers so you can't really pull out the "I have a degree in X so my opinion about this is flawless" card.

    If you want something that will really help on your writing then you should play season 1 and 2 multiple times and make really in-depth comparisons of both games' writing instead of sucking up to Telltale and saying "it's ok if they kill Clem off because that means that's the story they wanted to tell". No matter how you see it, killing Clem or ending her story this season is GARBAGE writing, don't really need a Ph.D in writing to know that.

  • but Kenny could argue that Clem cut Saritas arm off without permission so they have a right

    like in kindergarten lol

    'You cut my best friends' arm off, so that means now I'm allowed to cut yours off!'





    'Miss nursery nurse, Kenny wants to cut my arm off!'

  • Telltale should not copy what happened to Lee. I do however, think someone Clem is with will get bitten and will need to decide choices

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