The appreciation thread.

Just, in general, at all those little things. Like, if you don't go through the ticket booth window in episode 4, Mike will try to check Bonnie for bites, to which she pulls her arm away, and says "No! Sorry, I'm not bitten, just old scars." Could she really be bitten, or is she hiding her track marks, as she used to be a drug addict. Plus, I love Mike and Bonnie. As characters, individually, and as a duo. Mike is a gentle giant, who feels like he needs to prove himself to the group, and is still practical, and usually keeps a cool head. Bonnie is naive, and easily used, as seen by Carver tricking her, but she has a kind personality, and really feels bad for her actions, like killing Dee, which may have caused some of these things, plus hiding her already mentioned "secret." Mike and Bonnie play so well off of each other, as both are such positive forces it's contagious, without being obnoxious. I love Luke's slow decent, as he slowly reveals himself to be not as much of a hero as you see him as in episode 1 and 2, but a slightly irrational 20-something year old, who thinks he knows exactly what he's doing, but doesn't, as he abandons his post, gets himself caught going for food, ditched the group, and goes without food or sleep for a few days. Kenny's decent into madness and complete moral and emotional detachment is also a shining moment for me as an aspiring writer. Anything small you guys appreciated, mostly try to keep it in season 2, but in season 1 as well, if you really liked something small in season 1 :)

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