What kind of scene will Clem have?



  • That ain't Clem tho. You're really just playing as glamoured Bigby.

    CrazyGeorge posted: »

    None, because Clementine is a 11 year old girl.

  • So, only two people understood this was satire? Telltale Forums, you never cease to amaze me,.

    Bokor posted: »

    She'll bash the baby's head against the rocks. Because it's 'badass' to hurt those weaker than you.

  • I think Clem should have a decision in the next episode to either lose her shit when people start arguing (which they will) or try to resolve the conflict. I think it would be bad to not have a choice if she loses it, because it might be uncharacteristic for her, depending on how somebody plays her character.

  • "Luke: Crap, A WALKER ATE MY GUN."


    RomanZombie posted: »

    Orrrr Zombies start attacking the whole group Kenny: IM OUTTA AMMO SHIT. Luke: Crap, A WALKER ATE MY GUN. Clementine S

  • Luke fucked up just as bad as Kenny did. There's no point in even saying that.

    hopefully knee-capping luke for being a screw up.

  • the group is surrounded, and as kenny and luke are fighting two or three walkers,clem kills every walker there out of anger.

  • Anybody who has played or watched someone play The Last of Us should agree that Ellie's boss fight against David the Cannibal was very cool. It was realistic as well for a teenage girl. Something like that would be nice.

  • NO! Clem should never die!

    Wolf_13 posted: »

    She can't get angry and have a scene like Lee or Bigby. However, she can still do something equal to that. For example, she dies sacrificing herself to save someone important like the baby.

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