Dumb question, but has anyone tried NOT taking snow to the trip trap?

In episode 2 when you get a choice of letting her come along or saying it's to dangerous, has anyone tried having her stay behind to see how it affects the story?

(Just something I was curious about. Does it give any extra dialogue or scenes or anything?)

EDIT: I'm really sorry about all the multi-posts the site wasn't working on my device and I kept clicking to try to get it to work.


  • I left her behind and it doesn't effect the story at all. Bigby just goes their on his own than after he tells Molly about her sister Snow walks in and Bigby can talk to her i asked what she was doing here and she just said that she doesn't want to wast time being Crane's errand girl at the business office. From their the story continues as normal Snow gives Molly Lilly's amulet thing and it just continues from their.

  • It almost doesn't affect the story at all, since Snow goes there no matter what. I think the choices of Episode 2 were the ones that mattered the least.

  • In fact, that's what I did when I was playing for the first time. :D No, it doesn't affect at all.

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