The Walking Dead vs. The Wolf Among Us - Bloody Mary vs. Nerissa's Match Results

edited August 2014 in The Wolf Among Us

Finally, this Match is over and Here's The Results (Regardless of double votes):

Bloody Mary: 20 votes

Nerissa: 22 votes

But, Look at this:

The date of this Match: Aug 11

And 8 new accounts made in Aug 11 and all these accounts vote for Nerissa.

So, I deleted these votes and the Real Results is:

Bloody Mary: 20 votes (Climbed to the Semi Finals)

Nerissa: 14 votes (Stepped out of this Championship)

I'm so so so sorry x1000000 for Nerissa Fans, but it's the only fair way and I have to do it.

The Semi Finals will begin very soon.

You can see the top 4 Characters in this Championship:



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