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Case 3: shock rock stuck getting warrant for Todd Hinkley

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So I've followed the walkthrough completely and when I go to brass he tells me I need more evidence for him to heat a judge or something like that. I've matched up all the finger prints except for the print on the echo pedal. I've matched up the hand writing for Jill. I've collected the straw and gotten the blood sample. I got both of the fire extinguisher samples from the polarity switch and the shirt. I just don't know what I'm missing. Please someone help me. The help will be greatly appreciated.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    Have you been the the Manager's recording studio yet? If so, did you get a Demo CD from him?
  • No I haven't made it to the recording studio yet. I have yet to even interrogate Todd for the first time yet. The interrogation room isn't even in my locations because I haven't gotten to interrogate anyone yet. The last thing that I've done on the mission was talk to Jill and get her autograph. After that I took the threatening note and matched the handwriting with the autograph. Supposedly I'm supposed to get the ability to ask for the warrant right after I analyze the deleted email from Todd. However, I never get the pop up telling me the warrant is available. If it helps I'm playing on the 360.
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