• Here goes both theories:

    1st theory (Faith is Nerissa):

    -Faith stole a picture of Crane and Lily to blackmail him and get some Money and Crane hires the Tweedles to search for the picture.

    -Nerissa tells Georgie about this, because she thought TCM was going to find out anyway, and wanted to spare herself and her friends, but instead Georgie kills Faith in front of her for treason.

    -To make Bigby interested in finding out who murdered Faith, she glamours as Faith and goes to Woody's apartment to search for Lily/create a fight with Woody so Bigby would come, meet Faith and be interested in her, only to later find her head (planted in the Woodlands by Nerissa).

    2nd theory (Nerissa is Faith):

    -Faith steals a picture of Crane and Lily together.

    -Nerissa tells Georgie about this, and either later feels sorry for doing this and putting her friends in danger, so she glamours as Faith, sacrificing herself, or Faith is a jerk who gave Nerissa a Faith glamour, and glamoured herself as Nerissa, so that Nerissa would be the one killed, and not her.

    -Faith goes to Woody and gets Bigby interested in her, and later puts Nerissa's glamoured head in front of the Wooodlands.

    • Or they're both alive, Faith is Faith and Nerissa is Nerissa.

      • How can they be both alive? Unless Faith's head is not hers/Nerissa's, then they can't be both alive.

        • Every theory has it's holes, though somewhere in the forum one guy made a sick theory about this. It says that if you look at glamour board in butcher's shop at Ep. 4, you can see that one Fable buys the exact same glamour as Faith. Then it leads to other things, been a while since I read it, but you can catch the drift - it can be that Fable's head there.

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      ok great, thanks i thought it was something ambiguous like that.. but i also thought "shit, what have i missed?" but it wasn't immediately obvious.

      Either way, i loved the game, i really hope they do it justice and make another season :)

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