• This therory is crazy, I must say I dont believe that Bloody Mary is Fath/Nerissa.

  • But good eye noticing it.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too. She could be actually spying on Bigby pretending to be Faith, but if you ask me I think it's unlikely. I doubt Bloody Mary would let Woodsman beat her, plus Faith's head had bruises too. Probably a coincidence.

  • I don't think BM is Nerissa/Faith, but it would be a great plot twist!

  • This would completely destroy the experience of discovering Donkeyskin, Nerissa, and Bloody Mary. If it were real(and it's not), it would be a huge betrayal to players and comic readers. No thank you.

    Although it could be just the same hand gesture at different speeds, and at different angles. Faith's body is completely facing away from Bigby, whereas Bloody Mary makes the effort to turn and look Snow White in the eye.

  • People noticed this before, it's most likely Telltale reusing animations.

    At least: that's what a lot of people were saying before.

  • I don't think that Faith in episode 1 would be BM just doesn't make sense
    1.BM probably will never EVER flirt with bigby like this
    2.Bm would never let herself get beaten up without a fight
    As i said this just doesn't make any sense
    Oh and also i believe Faith could make such a strange plot twist

    • How can you be so sure about that? From what I saw during my playthrough, Mary wanted to be fucked by Bigby, but he didn't want to, that's why she broke his arm, 'cause she was mad at him.

      • Really ? Did she say anything like that ? I mean in my playthrough she wanted to fight and be the Crooked Man's b*tch. Never saw flirt's + do you really believed it would be BM ? I don't think she will leave the Woodsman to kick her ass

  • They reuse animations sometimes. Hell, in TWDS2, a few characters do that two finger pointing thing much similar to this, so I think it's just coincidence.

  • One plot twist per season is enough.

  • Telltale left a load of misleading "clues" like the references to something sharp with magic attached to it making the cut being possibly Woody's axe or the Vorpal sword that appears two times in the books Bigby is searching through.

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