The big thing: Ending discussion, who is who. SPOILER!

Many people thinks that the ending says that Faith is alive and was glamoured as Nerissa.
BUT after some research I think that it is Nerissa, and that Nerissa was glamouring Faith in the beginning.

Well, let see it this way:
Faith was killed by Georgie, we know that. And after that Nerissa did want Bigby on the case since she doesn't want the world to forget about her and the other girls suffering. So Nerissa glamoures as Faith, starts a fight with Woodsman so that Bigby can get his eyes on the case. Then Nerissa places Faiths head on the doorstep, and when we see Nerissa in the rest of the game, she is actually Nerissa.

But I can't get over this:

  • The Huff and Puff smoke, Nerissa in one point hates e'm, and in the ending she takes e'm, and smoke them just like Faith did.

  • The marks on Faith's head was the exact same marks as the Woodsman gave her.

And then it's the other theory that it's Nerissas head on the doorstep glamoured as Faith. Could be, but why would she be glamoured as Faith when she knew that Faith was in trouble for the picture?

And it also seems like sometimes Nerissa is Nerissa, and sometimes that someone is glamoured as her. Let's say both of them are alive, then who's head is it? Another girl from Pudding N pie glamoured as Faith, since Nerissa says everyone seems to forget them and don't care? And both Faith and Nerissa wants to get out of that life, that's what started this whole thing.

But then back to Faith again, she has a motive. Let's start with the story of Faith after she and Prince Lawrence came to Fabletown, things became different (they didn't have enough money to actually live among the other Fables, etc), and she wanted to leave prince Lawrence and move for herself to start a new life. Maybe she faked her death to get away from it all? Hard to say, and a pretty rough thing to do to her husband.

And there's also the Bloody Mary theory, but I don't want to go further in on that one. Cause I can't find any good arguments, she doesn't have the motive or anything. The last thing she would is to let Bigby near the Crooked Man, since the Crooked Man is protehcting Bloody Mary from all the stuff she does for the Crooked man. Unless she just wants to mess things up, and goes on a solo mission. But I don't think that's how it is.

This is really confussing, will we ever get an answear?

Who do you think? Is Nerissa Faith in the ending, or is she Nerissa? Someone else or Bloody Mary?

This has probably been discussed before, but I'm new here. Hope it's okay :) And I'm also Norwegian, so sorry for the bad english.


  • Hi,

    as far as I'm concerned, your english is pretty good.

    Now for your theories... I may disappoint you, but I think there is no "true" answer. Why is that? Because this game uses player's choices to build the story. Up to the end: you have the choice to run after Nerissa or let her walk. In the same way, I think you have the freedom to believe one version or the other: this is the ultimate choice you have to make as a player, but it only occurs in your head and is not recorded in the game.
    You also find this kind of "you have to decide by yourself" trick at the end of some movies.

  • Oh, thank you so much! :) Glad to hear that. :)

    You're right. Yes, that makes it more interesting I think. But it would also be peacfull to know, haha.

  • I hope there will be a DLC that solves the identity case. I'm also wondering who's across the street when Bigby discovers the head (presumed Faith's).

  • Tbh I don't think Tell Tale will ever let us know, so this will be the biggest mystery of Season 1 forever :3

  • Yes! I hope they will make dlc too, havent't actually thought of that.

  • Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell xD

  • To be honest, I think it should be left as a permanent cliff hanger :3

  • hey're both alive. Prince Lawrence actually killed himself, so they glamoured him as Faith, chopped his head of(maybe even asked Woodsman), and left it for Bigby to find. Then one of them got glamoured as Lawrence :)

  • lawrence is determinant.. :p

  • nerissa is alive believe xD

  • No, this is totally wrong.

  • Just rechecked the head discovery scene. The shoes are a match to Nerissa's, the body however matches Faith's coat curled up.

  • This is definitely something that has left me wondering. I admit, I kept thinking it could be Faith glamoured as Nerissa, but I never considered it to be the other way round at the start!

    I don't mind either way if we discover the answer or not- I'd like to (possibly in a future game?), but I also like the mystery just being there and left to ponder on....

  • My gut says it's actually faith all along, but I can't disregard the evidence that is is nerissa as well...

    But! this is why I think it's faith:

    We're spending all this time learning of Faith's Past that correlates exactly with what ends up happening(If it is indeed her), that she disguised herself to escape, and we learn nothing of Nerissa's Past other than she's the little mermaid. I think from a writing stand point it's more shocking if it's faith all along since you've invested more time in getting to know faith's history.

    The mirror show's Faith's dead Father, but not a dead Faith? If Faith were dead than the ribbon curse would be broken with her death so the mirror saying stuff about lips being sealed wouldn't apply to a dead faith.

    Nerissa has no reason to glamour herself as Faith to get the Wolfs attention by being attacked by the woodsman. Putting the head on the steps for him to find would cause enough attention.

    Tweedle says Faith isn't Sweet when he's being interrogated by the wolf, that she's a thief. She seems like a chick that has been through a lot and wont play nice, unless you show her that you're nice first (Which the Wolf did, he treated her with respect from the second they met even though he knew she was a prositute).

    There wouldn't be a reason for the line about the doctor needing to run more tests on the head if it were in fact Faith. It doesn't do anything for the theory that It's been Nerissa all along. That line is there to make you question whether or not it was Faith's head, which persuades you further into believing that Faith is alive.

    I think the real Nerissa, in fear of getting in trouble about the photo, snitched on Faith. She tells Faith that she has told and Georgie said he'd handle it, but this angers Faith because she knows just how evil the crooked man is, having dealt with her evil father in the past, she knows she's going to be in big trouble. Nerissa was probably naive and hopeful and tried to persuade Faith that things would be alright.

    When we search the cubbies at the club we see that Faith was covering the woodsman session for Lily which puts the real Faith with the woodsman. This is just a guess, but The woodsman is annoyed that she doesn't recognize him and Bigby says in the beginning that she seemed familiar... what if when she escaped her father with the donkeyskin coat she travelled through the woods that both Bigby and the Woodsman lived in and they both happened upon her in passing or something? That could explain why Faith didn't recognize him, maybe she didn't remember that far back or was distracted with escaping? (That's a stretch I know)

    For reasons unexplained, I could put all my guesses out there, but really my basic guess is that whether on purpose to save her own life or accidentally not realizing that death was coming, Faith had Nerissa Glamour as her. Nerissa Glamoured as Faith was killed and Faith felt guilty so she put the head on the steps to get the sheriff's attention and also left it glamoured because she realized the mess she was in wasn't going to be easy to run from this time. If she's "dead" then she'll have no one looking for her and this would give her more time to figure her new plan. She gave up her donkeyskin coat, because the crooked man and others know what it looks like. She left it for Lawrence with an apology. I am guessing sort of like Snow and Prince Charming, that coming to this new world changed their relationship and she knew she didn't want to be with him anymore, that the only way to escape was alone.

    What a fun Ending! This really left everyone guessing.

  • I got an idea, just off the top off my head. Maybe we can actually play as Faith/Nerissa and we won't even know who we're playing as, and we pick up clues along the way of who we're playing as. I don't think it really makes sense for Bigby to try and work out if Nerissa is Nerissa or Faith. He completed the case, protected Fabletown! Why would he have to work out nerissa/faith's identity when he has more important matters? I dunno, it's just an idea. :)

  • Bigby makes sense because he would just ask the mirror, if Lawrence is still alive than it would make sense even more cause you do it for him. If we play as Faith/Nerissa the only way to find out is playing from the beginning till "Faith" dies.

  • please telltale let it be Nerissa :)

  • please telltale let it be Nerissa :)

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