• I hope there will be a DLC that solves the identity case. I'm also wondering who's across the street when Bigby discovers the head (presumed Faith's).

    • Yes! I hope they will make dlc too, havent't actually thought of that.

    • I got an idea, just off the top off my head. Maybe we can actually play as Faith/Nerissa and we won't even know who we're playing as, and we pick up clues along the way of who we're playing as. I don't think it really makes sense for Bigby to try and work out if Nerissa is Nerissa or Faith. He completed the case, protected Fabletown! Why would he have to work out nerissa/faith's identity when he has more important matters? I dunno, it's just an idea. :)

      • Bigby makes sense because he would just ask the mirror, if Lawrence is still alive than it would make sense even more cause you do it for him. If we play as Faith/Nerissa the only way to find out is playing from the beginning till "Faith" dies.

  • Tbh I don't think Tell Tale will ever let us know, so this will be the biggest mystery of Season 1 forever :3

  • hey're both alive. Prince Lawrence actually killed himself, so they glamoured him as Faith, chopped his head of(maybe even asked Woodsman), and left it for Bigby to find. Then one of them got glamoured as Lawrence :)

  • nerissa is alive believe xD

  • This is definitely something that has left me wondering. I admit, I kept thinking it could be Faith glamoured as Nerissa, but I never considered it to be the other way round at the start!

    I don't mind either way if we discover the answer or not- I'd like to (possibly in a future game?), but I also like the mystery just being there and left to ponder on....

  • please telltale let it be Nerissa :)

  • please telltale let it be Nerissa :)

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