What exactly happened to Lily? SPOILER.

What we know: Lily got killed in room 207 glamoured as Snow White. And Georgie admit killing her.

But something isn't right here:
Why would Georgie kill her in Cranes room in the bed? Also with the music that was playing, the whole set up with flowers and all. Did Crane take her ribbon off? Was it Crane that killed her? And did Georgie just say that he did it with orders from the Crooked Man to protect Crane?

Is there something I missed?


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    I'm still confused about this too. Georgie is definitely the one who killed her; you can see how torn up over her death Crane is when he tries to get Nerissa to speak. There's also the question of who took the picture of him and Lily, and how?

  • I'm pretty sure they did that to frame Crane and throw Bigby off of them.

  • It can all be an act from Crane, who knows.
    I think Crane took the picture of him and Lily, as a memory maybe? Seems like Lily knows about the picture, since Faith stole them. But then, who put the picture back on the floor?
    Some people say that Vivian set it all up, since she smokes huff n puff, knows everything about Cranes appointments (Crane tells Snow in episode 1 to call Vivian for an appointment), and she may have put Cranes wine there too.

  • It would make sence. But I thought Crane were on the Crooked Mans team? Why is the Crooked Man so protective of Crane afterverds then?

  • As can be addressed in the game, Crane was merely a puppet who was manipulated because of his cowardly nature. As for why he sent him away, I don't know.

  • Georgie killed Lilly and probably left the blood + all the evidence of what Crane was doing in there to throw the trail off of him and eventually the Crooked Man. And no, Crane wasn't working for the Crooked Man. Crane was high in debt and so the CM was giving him money, so Crane did what the CM told him to do.

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