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Guardians of the Galaxy

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The point of depature is raccoons....I hate superhero movies, but I keep hearing about how good "Guardians of the Galaxy" is. I like Watchmen, Nolan's Batman films, but for super heroes it's otherwise pretty sparce. Then again, The Avengers was really popular.... What I'm really trying to get at is, was there a deeper meaning or what it just a series of cool effects... I'm slightly wanting to see it even for the raccoon...

  • It was a weird alien space adventure set to cheesy 80s pop.

    Watch it.

  • Want to see it. Got great reveiws. Think it was the 36th best opening weekend all time. $$$$$$$$$$

  • It's a great movie.

    Also, wrong section?

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I admit I was wary to watch it too because I wasn't sure how they were going to handle Rocket the raccoon. They handled it very well actually, and made you actually feel bad for his lot in life by the end. The movie is about people who have had bad crap happen to them throughout their lives and so turned to crime, but aren't actually bad people. They initially form a group solely to get money from an artifact, but then band together to save the galaxy after they realize how important that artifact is. I was pleasantly surprised, it's actually a really good film.

  • This is going to be short and sweet


    That is all....

  • I like Watchmen, Nolan's Batman films,

    You won't like Guardians of the Galaxy. It's a comedy meant for kids (that doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it). I had high hopes going in, but as the movie progressed, I was losing interest. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either. The entire time it felt like Rocket was being forced, I felt like he could have been funnier (Drax had the best lines in my opinion). I expected Guardians of the Galaxy to be similar to the Iron Man movies; I wanted it to have the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and action. It didn't. The ending was really anti-climatic and cheesy. I hope the sequel is going to be better.

    • Thanks for the advise; no I don't think I would like it. Tough too bad I want to see "Attila Proust." I would have been off better with Guardians anyway... At least that way I wouln't have fallen asleep in the theatre.

  • I wasn't that willing to see it because of how cliche it looked in the trailers, but I saw it last night, and it was actually pretty good, although I wasn't really in the mood for a superhero movie.

  • Best superhero film to come out in a while. You should see it.

  • Superb movie. I'm glad superhero movies can go from always being dark and brooding, it was nice to see something fun and colorful for once.

    That doesn't mean I don't like dark and brooding movies like Dark Knight and stuff however.

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