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Pre-orders, demo, and trailer are yours for the taking!

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We've opened up pre-orders for Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures! And what's more, if you pre-order, you'll get a 25% discount AND two free games (one Sam & Max episode, and one Strong Bad episode).

But wait, there's more! Check back Monday (that's March 16) for the playable demo, available exclusively from Yahoo! Games. Then come back AGAIN the following Tuesday to get the actual playable first episode! That's right, the game will be in the hands of you, the gamer, on March 24!

Oh wait, that's not enough? A weekend is too long to wait for more Wallace and Gromit you say? Well then, head on over to Yahoo! Games for an exclusive trailer!

Demo! The demo is now up! Grab it from the Grand Adventures page.
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