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So..I played TWAU

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Hey folks!Im a huge fan of Telltale's TWD and a lot of my friends asked me to play TWAU.My opinion about this game was that its stupid and you are a wolf fighting with other animals xD.I really enjoyed it.I loved the options "Im the law" "I dont need evidence" "Fuck off" "You piss me off" "[hit].You couldnt be so badass at TWD,xD.The story was nice althought I didnt fully understand it.But IMO,the end to say it..quick?I was waiting more events and so on before he finds the crooked man.Btw,what happened to Crane?He was kidnapped and then I didnt see him again :o.Hopefully there will be a second season.


  • I recommend you to read the comics.

    I was clueless when I first played it like: "WTF IS GOING ON!?!"

  • You should read the comics now :)

  • The wolf among us is a prequel to the comics. I would read the comics i just started reading them and they're amazing and they deal with the crane situation pretty early.

  • I played the free demo in front of my mom and when she saw Toad her face was priceless xD

  • This game's still amazing to play during nighttime. Seriously, for those that haven't yet - DO IT.

  • Btw, what happened to Crane?

    Remember when you try to use the Magic Mirror on Bloody Mary and Crane? He left for Paris at the Crooked Man's orders.

  • My first reaction to The Wolf Among Us was:

    Sees Mr. Toad

    Is that a frog wearing clothes?

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