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Why is the game so short??

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I've loved this game, but is much shorter than The walking dead game. On the walking dead we had 5 chapters of 2-3 hours, and here is a miracle the chapter which reach the 2 hours.

Specially the last 2, which only need about an hour to be completed.

Why? I think that the TWD chapters duration would have helped to explain everything and make the story even more interesting. The chapters 1,2 and 3 took me to the sky but then chapters 4 and 5 finished all quickly and with no complications like if they were in a hurry

Anyway, thanks Telltale, for the great game, but please, id love a longer chapters for The wolf among us season 2. At least as long as TWD ones. This was too short and now i feel empty :(

  • The episode lengths have been the same amount of The Walking Dead s2, so I don't think its something about Wolf individually. But if it is something about Wolf, you have to realize that Wolf went through 3 rewrites, which will obviously have a toll on the episodes.

    But I agree that I felt ep.5 ended too fast before we got to really see what happened to some other characters. Hopefully they release a DLC episode or 2 to help tie the loose ends of s1.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    It seems to be a deliberate design choice by Telltale. Puzzlebox (the community manager) said that Telltale is aiming for 90 minute episodes now for "one sitting entertainment." I agree that longer episodes would be splendid, but fortunately, episode length isn't the only sign of quality even though it helps.

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