How Valuable Would YOU Be?

We know that equality and fair assessment is pretty much nonexistent in the ZA. Some people are just not worth the trouble while others are worth protecting. We know that people like Carlos and Vernon were extremely important too their groups because they were doctors, and were probably protected as best as can be (which is why Carver didn't kill Carlos when he had the chance). Others, like Arvo (the translator), are kept around because even though they may be a drag on the group, their skills are too valuable to just go to waste.

That being said, how valuable would YOU be to your group? Would you be expendable or would you be held in high esteem in the eyes of your comrades? Would they cut you loose if they need to make numbers for a boat, or would they ensure you have your spot? What skill or contribution would you offer to your group to ensure you are kept around?

Personally, I think I would be somewhat valuable or on the fence. I am bilingual, I am pretty small(probably slightly taller than Omid) but agile and quick on my feet, and I am good at creating tools from spare parts (I'm a mechanic). Aside from that, I wouldn't have anything special to contribute.

So how important would you be? Would you be: Valuable, On The Fence, or Expendable? Leave your comment below.



  • I think the only valuable trait I would have is beating people up, I'm a strong guy, and maybe giving food out to people in the group.

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    I would be utterly worthless walker bait but I'd probably even fuck that up too.
    I don't even know how to use a can opener.
    My little sister is 12 and she would last far longer than I ever would, I'm practically expendable even when the world isn't in an apocalypse.

    I'm being very dramatic right now but that's all still true.

  • I'd be like Omid, but my jokes wouldn't be funny.

    So very expendable.

  • I'd probably be the glenn of my group (the guy who gets the supplies etc) after all i am a very fast runner and im sneaky :)

  • Eh, I don't know... I think I'd be able to let go of some morals easier than some others, which isn't necessarily a good thing, but I'd do the dirty work. Sort of like the Merle of the group, except not on drugs.

  • I don't look like much, but I wouldn't be too bad. I'm a fairly good shot with a rifle or a shotgun (no, not from video games). I'm decent with a pistol. I could defiantly give other people instructions on how to use a firearm if there was an apocalyptic scenario.

    I'm fairly smart, so that would be useful all around. Plus, I get more witty whenever things are shitty (sometimes), so that helps.

    I'd be able to pull my own weight.

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    I'm pretty calm and fairly intelligent. I would be good at hashing out plans, mediating group arguments, and keeping morale up. But I probably have below average physical strength for my age and my physical fitness is less than ideal. So...not a complete liability but also pretty expendable in most survivor groups. Somewhere around Doug or Omid in terms of survivability.

  • I'd be pretty useful actually, as I can distinguish many wild plants and know which ones are edible, which ones have medical property's, and which are poisonous. I can also get clean water from trees and know how to make a filter to treat water from a stream.

    I have never touched a gun before though and I'm not very strong.... But aren't food and water more important?

  • I dunno, i think i would be pretty useful, i've been practising swordfighting for over 7 years, not fencing, swordfighting. Medieval style. And i own my share of swords. And im pretty fit, so i can run for a couple of miles before tumbling over.

    On the other hand, i have a chronic illness that need me to take pills. Not that i will drop dead if i don't take them, but its a liability.

  • I'll tell my group I could eat a truck load of poutine. I'd be abandoned by the morning.

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    I know some first aid and how to patch up different types of injuries and know a bit about medicine. I'm a pretty fast learner, at least that's what some people say, I guess I'm somewhat smart and tactical, I can handle stuff without complaining :3 Also I would try to befriend everyone xd I'm pretty accurate with ranged weapons, I'm a guru at lying but people mistake my truths for lies... I'm also pretty sneaky.

    However, I have many traits which make me a liability :c

  • I'm strong lol. I can protect the weaker members of the group and I'd be the first line of defense. So I guess I'd be kinda valuable

  • Answer: Not at all.
    I'd be dead within two minutes of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Hmm, let me think.

    I'm a 12 year girl, so my physical power isn't that good. I never used melee weapons, but I think thst I will be good enough with them. Maybe with something simple, like knife or a hammer. I have tools in my bous, so it might be my weapon of choice. I can learn to do something easily, so I might learn how to use a gun. My sister and her friend were teached how to shoot pistol by her friend's father. Maybe they could help me? Alright, let's tell that I can learn how to use weapons. 1 point for guns and 1 point for melee.

    Not gonna lie, I'm smart. I might me the one who always thinks of plans, like sneaking somewhere or planning supplies run. I don't make rash decisions and I prefer to think through before making a decision. 1 point for being the brain of my group.

    I know how to fish, so I can help the adults with it. I also like to pick mushrooms, so I know which ones are edible and which ones are not. It may be useful when your group is hungry. 1 point for ability to collect food.

    I'm not sure about my physical condition, but I'm sure that the adrenaline will do its thing. I'm pretty fast and sneaky. I'm also capable of walking very long, since I'm the one who rarely whines about something and never gives up. I might as well push my own group to go and don't rest too long. 1 point for bwing steadfast and physically strong and sneaky enough.

    So, 5 points put of 10. Not bad for a little girl. You shouldn't forget that everyone learns something new in the ZA. Adults will probably teach me some useful stuff, especially my parents (my father knows how to catch and cook pigeons, for example). However, I'm a crybaby and I panick in rash situations. Maybe I'll get used to surviving in such hard conditions, because I adapt to new situations fast. But my nervous system is no very strong, so I might as well lash out or snap or something like this, since I prefer to keep my feelings inside me. Who knows?

  • I probably wouldn't be too valuable, honestly. Hell, I might not even be valuable enough to be in a group. I'd probably be solo, just taking naps in a house while scavenging for food once need be. The sad, lonely, apocalypse life.

  • Well, I'd probably be pretty useless. The most useful I could get would just be a standard group member. I'd probably be on the fence.

  • I'm good at resolving problems, and I'm a fast learner. So in a group of 10, I would be maybe the 4-5th most important.

  • a 12 year old girl? Tut tut tut... shouldn't be on these forums missy ;)

    Hmm, let me think. I'm a 12 year girl, so my physical power isn't that good. I never used melee weapons, but I think thst I wil

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    I own 3 guns, have access to a hell of a lot prescription medication and tons of hard alcohol. Come at me.(lol)

    I don't mind taking direction, and I am a pretty good judge of character. I also know how to keep a level head, so I think I'm very good when it comes to mediating a discussion and defusing an argument/fight. But I don't think I'd be able to deal with losing my loved ones very well, nor am I the fastest runner. I also have an iron deficiency that can get pretty gnarly without the proper medication. I like to think I'm tough, but without my family I'd probably shut down. I honestly don't know how stable I would be mentally/emotionally if the apocalypse happened, depending heavily on who I lose and in what circumstances. Overall though, I don't think I'd be completely useless.

  • I'm rather strong, I've only held a rifle and pistol, never fired one, but my brother never shuts up about guns and he would know how to use them.

    I find it very hard to get angry at people, and like to keep a level head.

    I think I would try to keep most situations under control and stop fights. I'm not a very good runner, nor am I athletic. Losing my loved ones would definitely change me horribly, and I wouldn't have the will to keep on going without motivation. I would be changed irrevocably by the horrible and disgusting things I would see. I hope I would be a valuable member, but not the best.

  • Fine, I'll leave.

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    Goodbye, everyone! It was nice knowing you!

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    a 12 year old girl? Tut tut tut... shouldn't be on these forums missy

  • Haha, at least you chose a gif of someone your age :P

    As long as you're not a dick, I don't care dude. You've got better Grammar, Punctuation and general language skills than most of the forums. Keep it up :)

    Fine, I'll leave. Goodbye, everyone! It was nice knowing you!

  • That's.. Balanced?

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    I'd be pretty useful actually, as I can distinguish many wild plants and know which ones are edible, which ones have medical prope

  • I have some survival knowledge and medical knowledge too. My sister is at the University of Medicine and I listen to her every summer for 5 years.
    I am not strong and I can be quite the bitch, but I mediate conflicts all the time in real life. In the game I choose the survivalist douchey side and that's the side I'd teke in a real ZA. You tell me how valuable that seems.

  • Well that seems useful. Someone has to get their hands dirty. However, I think that would classify you as a "grunt" and those are probably easy to comeby. Merle was awesome, but he was one of many to the Governor.

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    Eh, I don't know... I think I'd be able to let go of some morals easier than some others, which isn't necessarily a good thing, but I'd do the dirty work. Sort of like the Merle of the group, except not on drugs.

  • I smoke rocks

  • Well, I've done boyscouts before, so I know some very basic survival skills like making a lean-to and how to make a decent campfire. I'm thin and pretty weak, but I've been trying to work out recently. I'm pretty smart and think logically, so maybe I could be a leader of some sort.

  • Maybe a strategist? Dunno. I'm a huge fan of RTS games so most likely, that's what I'll do.

  • Got a butt load of useless information that wouldn't help in a zombie apocalypse. Working on getting fit again. Bare bones survival knowledge. Useless at growing things, I've tried but it always fails....sigh I feel like Doug right about now. I suppose the only useful thing I could contribute is semi flexible morals so I'd be that guy that would kill the fanatic so that the fanatic doesn't get the group killed and then leave because I can't be trusted. All in all pretty expendable.

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    I'm a funny guy. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so I'll say I'm a doctor. They'll throw themselves into the fire to make sure I'm not left behind...

    ...until they expect me to patch them up after they finished saving me. That's where my plan hits a bit of a snag.

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    I have knowledge in lot of things. (Jill of all trades master of none.) I'm a fast learner and love to research. (I have a high IQ and lots of theories on stuff that a lot of people just couldn't understand. :S) I have some medical knowledge that may be helpful. (Been trained on medical stuff for younger children.) I can entertain kids somewhat. I can sew. (Leather and clothing. Never needed to do stitches for wounds but I do have the basic knowledge on how.) I can cook and make cooking a bit more interesting. I'm able to figure out how some things work by taking them apart. When it comes to making things to make other things work I can sometimes figure it out. I have knowledge on general survival which includes the knowledge on some plants that are edible.

    Besides all that people would probably find me too annoying and abandon me. I think I would be considered expendable.

  • I'm good at planning. Other than that i am sneaky and fast and as probably everyone i have basic knowledge about first aid. I wouldn't be a very valuable though. I have problems with focusing on task.

  • Realistically I'd probably end up like Molly's sister. Without medicine to control my insulin levels, I'll be very lethargic and a potential walker in the making! :( However if I have them, I'm very speedy and quick thinking. Plus I'm very loyal!

  • Well, I think I'm a quick learner. I don't know how to use a gun or anything like that really, but if someone taught me I'd probably get the hang of things. Also, I think I'm pretty intelligent, so if a plan has to be made I'd help contribute ideas. I don't think I'm that fast though, but I'm pretty good at hiding and sneaking around. In hide and seek, I'm almost never/last to be found :p But the thing is, I'm basically thirteen and I feel like I'd be protected the way Clem is.

  • Well, I've fired a Pistol, 38. Revolver, and a AR (Semi-Auto) But I haven't fired those for like months so I probably wouldn't be THAT expendable but I wouldn't be that much help either.

  • probably valuable, I am young, quick/agile, a but below 6 feet tall, I know karate, as well as useful things for survival. (I know how to open a can with just my hands, I know the degrees that certain blades need to be sharpened and what you can use to substitute a sharpener, etc.) Im also good at shooting rifles, as well as i have experience with using pistols and shotguns (how to hold and shoot them properly, etc.)

  • I may only be 13 but I am a strong, very fast, Smart Bastard.

    I've done IQ tests and I've gotten scores of 150 IQ.

    I can run 17 MPH so I can easily avoid walkers.

    And I'm strong enough to carry 50 lbs of equipment and I've been in 3 fights in my life that I've won so I know what I'm doing.

    Right now I am approximately 5'11".

    How valuable am I?

  • I've also shot Rifles and Pistols and proved to be quite the Deadshot.

    I may only be 13 but I am a strong, very fast, Smart Bastard. I've done IQ tests and I've gotten scores of 150 IQ. I can run

  • I could kill people and put some guys out of their misery. Dont know if that something valuable though.

  • I would be very useful towards a group, however i doubt people could handle me around them for long so i would get kicked out eventually.

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