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Luke let it all out in Ep5

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I like Luke. He's very kind, likeable and I love his brother-ish relationship
with Clementine. However, there's just this detail I really dislike about
his character : Nick's death reaction.

They have been friends for 20 years and his only reaction is a few curses.
POOF, forgotten, let's move on! In episode 2, he doesn't react AT ALL.
He might've said something about it off screen, though it's probably the
same few curses.

Now, I'm not saying I want him to cry his life in the next episode, but I
wouldn't be against a scene where he's saddened and discuss with Clem
about it. Something like, I don't know "I kept all my sadness inside
of me, but I can't stand it anymore, I am sad and need to cry a little".

I don't buy this 'Luke easily moves on' thing. Maybe with some people
okay, but his best friend he's known for such a long time? Come on!

What do you think about this? Do you want a scene like that in the
next episode?

  • I think that his reaction was just a lazy writing. This still can be fixed though. There was a lot going on episode 4, and maybe in episode 5 Luke will get that his best friend is dead and is gonna have some sort of emotional break.

  • My first thought when reading the title of this thread was:
    "He's gonna let it all out while porking Jane."

  • I was thinking that this may be stupid, but maybe Telltale can fix this up in episode 5. See what I think is that he's been bottling up all these emotions in order to keep focused on the group. I think he's actually thinking about killing himself seeing how shits been thrown at him and he can never actually just sit down and think about what happened. I'm thinking that in the heat of No Going Back something's about to go down with Luke and he's probably gonna do himself in. Although if Telltale doesn't have ANY reactions at all in episode 5 seeing how Amid the Ruins was such a "tear fest" I'm just giving up any suspense.

  • I did feel bad about this too, until I've found this essay. Highly recommend you to read it, if you haven't yet. It gives good logical reasons.

    He doesn’t have a large reaction to Nick’s death because he simply doesn’t have the luxury of having an emotional reaction. Sarah needs his help, and he doesn’t feel like he can afford to feel sorry for himself.

  • Some people can't show sadness if they've used it too much.

  • And then he has a breakdown when he figures out Jane's feelings for him were only "lukewarm"

    (sorry, I've had that stupid joke in my head for a couple of days now and needed to get rid of it.)

  • Oops, double post, internet or forums are acting a bit weird.

  • I think Luke expressing grief over Nick's death, in the form of tears, would be a good move on telltale's part.
    Kenny shed tears over his wife and son.
    And Clementine shed tears over Lee.

    To see Luke break down like that, would be both realistic, and completely natural.
    I've personally seen grown men, strong-tough men, cry like babies, when they lost someone close to them.
    I myself have also wept, when someone I love passed away.
    And I'm not a man who's given to crying!

    So like said, Luke's weeping over Nick, would be completely appropriate, and natural.

  • I got the feeling Luke could crack in the last episode. Just that if their numbers fall even more, and there's added pressure to survive [and being around Kenny too] he might have a harder time keeping things bottled up like he's been doing up until now. But I don't count the lack of mention on Nick as lazy reading, simply that Clementine just wasn't around to witness his reaction to his friend's death the first time, and the second the situation couldn't allow for him to dwell on it long because they were in danger [Luke clearly goes to tell Rebecca about it, so they could've talked about it then.]

    If Nick doesn't get a mention in Episode 5 or anybody else from the cabin group for that matter, then I will call that lazy writing because Luke was friends with them all and Nick was his friend of 20 years, even Pete he knew. So even if the shock of losing someone or being able to keep emotions under control can delay someone getting upset about it all right there on the spot, eventually it'll hit you with a vengeance.

  • I get the vibe off Luke that he's trying very hard to convince himself that things aren't getting to him, but slowly failing at it.

    Like how he calls Kenny broken and reckless,then immediately after it does something pretty reckless as well, and then completely loses his temper for the first time when Kenny scolds him for it. That's enough proof to me that Luke is breaking just as much as anyone else, but he's just in denial about it, or trying not to show. I'm pretty sure he'll break down at EP5.

    Kenny admits to being broken, Luke does not, so when broken man Kenny himself calls him reckless on the deck, it's a like a stab to Luke's heart. We see him lose his temper for the first time as a result.

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