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Pizza or Icecream - Lilly or Kenny

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Who would you pick?

Lilly or Kenny?

  • Lilly.. but i think most would pick Kenny. it would be a diffucalt choice..

  • Pizza and Ice Cream isn't a good analogy for comparing two very polarizing (like them or hate them) characters. Pizza vs. Icr Cream is an analogy for two universally popular things.

    Sorry, it just annoys the hell out of me when people use it wrong.

    • so it could be marmite vs marmite

    • Its just a choice i dont think it can be 'used' wrong

      • It's a choice, but the pizza versus ice-cream analogy doesn't fit in this instance. From an American English standpoint, the 'Pizza vs. Ice Cream' analogy implies that you're asking people to compare two very popular, well-liked characters. After all, what kind of American doesn't like pizza? Or Ice Cream?

        But you see, that's where we get into trouble. Lily is a very polarizing character, to the point of being, dare I say, unpopular. Kenny is more popular, but there are plenty of people who dislike him as well. Furthermore there are a lot of people who like either Kenny and Lily and despise the other. How many people do you know who love Pizza, but are militantly opposed to Ice Cream?

        There are plenty of more fitting analogies to choose from... 'Metal vs Hip-Hop'. 'Democrat vs Republician', 'Licorice vs Sushi', but Pizza versus Ice Cream just...doesn't fit.

  • Lilly or Kenny? Season 1 memories all over again! There's things I like and dislike about both characters. I tried to help Lilly revive her father and I sided with Kenny about leaving the Motor Inn. I guess it depends on how much Lilly's changed because I like Kenny at the moment. But I doubt we'll have to choose between the two in EP5 if Lilly shows up anyways.

  • C'mon people, forget this pizza and ice cream thing already, Swagrid is the main thing now

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    InfiniteDawn BANNED

    Lilly... I've grown a liking to Lilly, even though she kills Carley/Doug, she was on edge. She wasn't thinking straight, and you have the option to say to Lilly that she hasn't been sleeping back in Long Road Ahead, and she'll agree, but say that's besides the point.

    But I do like Kenny, though. I just like Lilly better. Sorry.

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    RomanZombie BANNED

    Lilly! Kenny got Lee killed by stealing the damn supplies from the stranger! Plus Lilly never called Clem a stupid fucking kid. Lilly didn't even say anything to Kenny when he killed her father lol

  • Kenny...Lilly was fucking crazy and she killed one of my favorite characters..(Carley)Plus,she stole our RV which means she didnt care about what could happen to the group..

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      RomanZombie BANNED

      What else would she do? Sit in the RV and wait for Kenny to kill her? Plus she knew they were going to use the train anyway so yeah.

      • Lol...This sounds insane.They were a actually trying to find a way to move the train and then get back in the RV..Kenny would have killed her if he wanted to when she shot carley but whatever..Dont consider lilly back yet..There are only rumors

  • Lilly. Not because I like her more, but because we've been there for all of Kenny's big story moments, and there isn't much more they can do with him. There's a TON they could do with Lilly. Kenny has pretty much, to quote Alvin "run out of road". So, yeah, Lilly.

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