• I never thought about that. :/

  • I'm wondering if that #MyClementine is gonna be like; in the end of this season your Clem's characteristic personality will change depending on your S1 and S2 choices. Thank god I killed the stranger and told her to leave me.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    This makes me worry about her mental health two years later.....

    She is not real.

    • ok mr buzz kill shut up

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      You opened my eyes

    • Neither is Sarah but you get pretty arrogant and pissed about her.

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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        Neither is Sarah but you get pretty arrogant and pissed about her

        If your going to bring that topic up, then fine. I don't care about Sarah a fictional character that is dead, I understood why people were upset when a grown man goes on a national forum and says he hates a child for being "hard to deal with." . There is a big difference.

    • @CrazyGeorge Neither is Nate. Also please tag your spoilers some people might not know that.

    • You'd be surprised...

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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        Lee Everett is in Ferguson right now chanting "HANDS UP don't SHOOT. " True Story Bro

        • I would hope Lee would possess the common sense and would be smart enough not to get involved with that stupidity. (hypothetically of course, just playing along here..)

          • Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any idea what is going on? The police shot an unarmed black teenager in cold blooded murder. Lee being a smart man of color would definitely be protesting. It's disgusting. White people.... smh

            • Look, I'm not gonna defend what that officer did but you can't go putting labels on an entire race just for one mans actions. Just a few weeks ago in Ohio a black man was shot and killed by white officers in Walmart. I think things have gotten WAY too fucked up, something's gotta change. We can't go on living in fear and hate of one another, we need to learn to cooperate and work together. Express ourselves and not be alone. Hell, white, black,yellow,or purple, I don't care what color you are its what's on the inside that counts. Now, in Ferguson there gonna find out what happened and what's done is done. We can only move forward from here, the future is for us to shape and mold to our liking, are you going to mold a world full of hate of one another, or are you gonna rise up to the challenge and create a beautiful world?

            • Do you have any idea what is going on?

              Michael Brown Witness video

              From what is known so far, the most likely scenario is not that bullshit “cold blooded murder” crap but rather the cop sees Michael Brown and Dorin Johnson walking in the middle of the street just moments after the robbery (lends to his hostile nature) but still unaware of it, and drives up next to them to tell them to get back on the sidewalk. At this point, according to a family friend of the cop, Brown and Johnson curse and insult the cop, who then got the report of a robbery and the description which matched Brown perfectly (again according to the friend of the cop, but this bridges the gap between death and struggle for gun so stay with me, also why is the family and friends of brown so credible but not the cop huh?) so the cop pulled up to them again to stop and tried to get out of the car, cop claims Brown slammed the door shut on him. Cop tried to leave again and brown tackled him into the car.

              This is where the other witnesses might have confused the “dragged through the window” bit and the other guys claiming a shot went off in the car (which the cop also claims) After a struggle and getting punched (police said cop in hospital with busted jaw and swollen eye in their conference) a shot went off. Cop said no one hit but Brown and Johnson backed off and ran (again, backs up others claims of Brown running or fleeing when shot) The cop claims he left the car again and drew his gun and told them to stop. They did. Cop claims Brown kept talking shit and instigating saying something to the effect of "what you gonna do shoot me? You wont shoot me", while the cop is saying hands up which Brown seemed to comply with (remember the witnesses talking about being shot with hands up?) to which Brown charged at the cop and got shot multiple times until the 6’4” 300lb man dropped dead. This would explain the multiple shots, including one that may have struck his head. (explaining the "execution style" rumors)

              Almost immediately after the shooting, the people crowded the scene and began to record and post to twitter, facebook and youtube. Many points of views and angles. One in particular is special. In the background of the video you can hear another male talking (kinds hard with people yelling) to other people on what HE saw. He says “he doubled back toward him” You also hear “he was still over the truck” supporting the whole "Brown being in close proximity to the vehicle and the cop, to punch and reach for a gun." You also hear how the police “kept dumping on him” about all the rounds fired but also how he thought they kept “missing” so there is that in regards to the cop shooting this massive guy until he finally stopped his charged and died. Brown is the only one to blame for his death.

              Alt text

              Alt text

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              Alt text

              So let's do a recap...

              -strong arm robbery


              -fleeing felon (leaving crime scene)

              -assault on an officer after confronted

              -attempt to take his gun

              -black guy dies

              -instead of waiting for info, people riot for a week tearing their town apart

              -outcry when police attempt to stop it

              -massive media spin and damage control when it starts to look like everyone was wrong

              -trayvon martin 2.0

              -world defends him and tries to justify it all

              Ignorant people who don't know what they're talking about... smh

              • I'm not going to address the rest of your post but please remove the photos of Michael Brown's body. The family has requested them to be taken off the internet. Show some respect.

                • Stupid white teenagers shoplift all the time. Do they get show to the ground? Hell no. Brown was shot 6+ times. He was executed. "Recognize that Michael Brown’s death was not an isolated incident.

                  In 2012, more than 300 black people were executed by police, security guards, or vigilantes. In the last month, three other unarmed African-American men—Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford III in Beavercreek, Ohio, and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles—have been killed by police. Those are the ones we know about." "4. STFU about looting.

                  And call out your friends and family members who won’t. It’s been five days since Michael Brown was murdered. On one of those days, some furious, grieving citizens caused some property damage. Nine have been arrested. Every other day since then, police with more gear than American soldiers going into battle have been occupying the neighborhood where Brown died, attacking peaceful protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets. They’ve tear-gassed a state senator and Al-Jazeera reporters, and arrested an alderman. They’ve demanded that reporters leave the area and arrested two who didn’t move fast enough. “Disproportionate” doesn’t begin to describe it. If you look at all that and still think it’s important to talk about looting for “balance,” you should know that you sound like a racist asshole."

                  • Before you go calling this a warzone, remember one side has guns and tear gas and the other hastheir hands up sayin dont shoot

                  • I'm not going to get into it with you, and I'm not going to post about this anymore, because I have a feeling I'll be banned if I do. Just know that you have been severely misguided, and I hope you have the capacity to look beneath the surface, and see that it's more than a "racism" matter, and the only people who are making it about race are people like you, and those protesters. The Ferguson protesters blew this out of proportion without knowing all the facts, except the lies that they've fabricated into truths to push their ridiculous political vendetta. You can call me racist, and every other buzzword in the book, I know which side is in the wrong here, and it's not the Police.

                • Alright, it's already been removed by a mod. I wasn't aware they were trying to take the photos down, my bad.

              • You're accepting the bs that the media keeps spewing trying to justify this. They're spreading misinformation and ignorance and you're accepting it. Look a little deeper in the situation. Michael Brown was executed in broad daylight. Even if he did commit a robbery, which is very disputed as of right now, you don't get shot and killed for that.

                • Look who's talking. Him being executed is a lie that's been perpetuated by the media. The lie that Brown was a "good and innocent kid" is what's being pushed in the media. He charged at a police man who told him explicitly to stay back, put his hands up, or he'll be shot. Brown didn't listen and had the gall to say the cop wouldn't shoot him. It's sad that Brown died, but he brought it on himself. And he wasn't executed, the official autopsy report proves it. You can find it easily, but here's the diagram for reference as to where the bullets hit Brown.

                  Michael Brown autopsy report

                  The spread of the shots.

                  This would indicate Brown was moving (the charging the officer claim from the cops side of the story) and/or the cops vision was impaired from being attacked earlier and increased nerves (based on cops claim he was attacked and the police chiefs words at the conference about being attacked and having jaw and eye injury) and/or the gun was fired rapidly to quickly put down Brown (remember he claimed Brown attacked and went for the gun and then charged at him)

                  Entry/exit wounds of his arm.

                  People and media might use this to spin the “on his knees with hands up” claim, but to me this shows the arm was outstretched. I do not see how you can have your arms up or crossed over your body or face and get that long bullet path through the arm unless it was out forward, the way they would be if you were running towards or charging someone. If he did have his hands up normally, the depth of the forearm and hand would not be enough to stop the round form going straight though, which you do not see here, instead we have that long path.

                  The head shots. 2 of them.

                  One facial and one at the top of the skull. People will almost certainly use this to also prove the “execution” theory. To me this just coincides with the first paragraph, the cops aim along with the rapid firing and possible visual impairment along with Brown's running movement made the shots hit everywhere, one just hitting his head, especially if the cop did indeed target that specifically if he found the previous shots had no effect in stopping the 6’4” 300lb Michael Brown. The top head shot may have been the last shot to hit Brown as a followup to the first shot, Brown at this point may have been falling finally, and the intended face shot hit the tip of his skull. According to the article "It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said."He also said "This one here looks like his head was bent downward, indicating the wound at the very top of Mr. Brown’s head. It can be because he’s giving up, or because he’s charging forward at the officer.”

                  The report also said “The bullets did not appear to have been shot from very close range because no gunpowder was present on his body. However, that determination could change if it turns out that there is gunshot residue on Mr. Brown’s clothing, to which Dr. Baden did not have access.”

                  So until the clothes are looked at, as of right now, this only dispels the execution claim even more, because part of that claim was the cop stood OVER Brown and kept shooting him. This screams up close and personal and not “off at a distance.”

                  Oh and he did commit a robbery, his friend and accomplice, Dorin Johnson admitted it on national television.

                • This chain went from someone saying "you would be surprised" to discussing the morals and ethics of the Ferguson Riots in a few comments.

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              CrazyGeorge BANNED

              Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any idea what is going on? The police shot an unarmed black teenager in cold blooded murder. Lee being a smart man of color would definitely be protesting. It's disgusting. White people.... smh

              To be fair no one knows what happened. It hasn't went to trial. I find it hilarious how everyone is so fascinated about Micheal Brown. What about when a white person is killed by a black person? Where is their news coverage? Such bullshit.

    • She is real to most of the people and they care about her so shut your mouth.

    • goes to downvote DAMN IT.

    • Jesus, that's pretty edgy of you.

  • Well, she couldn't see the last person she cared about being killed right in front of her, so she didn't really have no choice.. :P

  • She didn't do it 'easily' and obviously she was very scared. I think she just was more afraid of loosing Lee that using a gun against the man who's attacking him

    • Still, could YOU do that as a nine year old? I would have probably frozen up in fear at that age.... Also, didn't see she wasn't scared until AFTER he killed him? I'm fairly sure she did....

      • Nobody taught me how to use a gun, and she had Lee :) She used a gun before, to protect Molly, remember? I think I would just imagine that the stranger is walker, it would be easier then.

      • It's not like you know what it's like to be a 9 year old during a zombie apocalypse. No doubt you would have turned out differently.

        guys pls.

  • It was an adrealine kick

  • She shot it to save the person she cared the most about, who was about to get killed, and she did cry immediately afterwards

  • Being able to kill another human just like that, that just means that she's stronger mentally. That's a good thing, she needs to be mentally stronger if she wants to be able to handle and cope with all the shit coming at her.

  • She did it to protect her loved one. Lee can use that reasoning to justify to Clem why he killed the cannibals, so this would seem like a nice callback.

    Thankfully, I never let Lee spare the Stranger. Forcing her to become a killer is just another trauma to compound upon losing Lee.

  • I personally taught her to be ruthless and evil in Season 1 and played her like that in season 2. But then you gotta think of the consequences, after and if the disaster abated would human society welcome one so dangerous back into it's flock. It's like she is merely made for the apocalypse, with an evil mental state that would prove too great a risk to let back into society. If her young mind is so evil polluted that much at that age think about it when she is older. That's quite a sad thought if you think about it.

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