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Regarding Everything That's Happened. (final edit)

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I don't know what's been going on today. I do know that we may be losing another mod. I don't know who did it, so I won't mention any names. But guys. Name calling? Bullying? General mean-spiritedness? What the hell? what are you thinking? I joined this forum because I saw it as a place where we could have positive discussions about things we like. The Walking Dead. The Wolf Among Us. Older Telltale games, and newer ones as well. Not so I could experience a wave of hate! This forum used to be about friends having a fun and positive experience! don't make this into a place that no one wants to go to. The downvote button has been removed. I'm glad. But people can still post hurtful comments. cyberbullying. that kind of thing can lead to suicide. you could be responsible for someone's death! Do you want that kind of burden hanging over you? I don't. please, PLEASE, try to make the forums a little bit nicer place. For all of us.

Edit: and now its happening here. Did you guys even read the thread? Please try to be positive and uplifting.

Edit 2: seriously? I've heard talk of death threats? By other users against one particular one? NO! That is completely unacceptable. Read the thread guys. Read the thread. these weren't threats by the fotdl people, they were threats against the fotdl people from other users on this forum. bullying cannot be and should not be solved by more bullying. as I have repeatedly said, just try to be positive.

Final Edit: as time has passed I have gotten a much clearer and better view of what happened. I still refrain from mentioning names here, but let me say this. Things got out of control. People said things they now regret. But replying to that with death threats and anger will do us no good. Let me say this now:

The only way to stop the hate is to break the cycle

Friends, Forumers, Countrymen. I come not to praise the hate, but to bury it. Please. Stop Arguing. If this gets any worse, and I hope it does not, I will ask a moderator to close this thread. But, I believe that it doesn't have to be that way. I am asking now, that we make this thread something positive.

I ask that with every new comment on this thread, you praise a user of your choice for something about them. Doesn't matter what.

  • We lost a mod,huh?Shit.It feels like peace without the down vote button,honestly.If you disagree to the guy,tell him already instead of expressing it with a dislike.Show your opinion and respect his.

    • Personally, I prefer keeping the dislike button. I understand the frustration with stupid, baseless downvotes, because I've been at the receiving end. However, I like to see the popularity/lack of popularity of an idea. Are we so sensitive as a society these days that we can't handle a downvote button? Some people don't want to take the time to write out why they disagree, so they downvote. I've never really used the downvote button much myself, but I appreciate its purpose. I think removing anonymity would have been more productive if we want to find out who the downvoting trolls are. Just my opinion, obviously.

      • Couldn't agree more.

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        That's the reason why I hate it so much...

        You can't just downvote instead of expressing your disagreement, it's stupid and convenient, people put time into writing things with a meaning and then someone just downvotes it and leaves you hanging like that, thinking "what did I say wrong?"...

        Some people are more vulnerable, they get offended, and you can't change how they feel, it's best to just remove it from the equation.

        • I understand why you hate it, but I still disagree. Trust me, I've received more downvotes than I've ever given, lol. I totally understand the frustration with writing something you've put time and thought into and getting downvotes without an explanation. You're right, it does leave you wondering. I still feel that the downvote button has its purpose. Why not remove the upvote button too? Why have voting at all? I think it should be all or nothing. You should be able to express your support as much as your lack of support of an idea. I also think that if people get so offended over a downvote, then they shouldn't be commenting on a forum that has them. People need to learn how to cope with the fact that not everyone will agree. I think it's kind of one-sided to allow an upvote, but not a downvote.

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            I see your point, I'll tell you the difference:

            Upvotes only express positive feedback, they can't be intended to hate someone or disagree with him, that's why there is no thing called "upvote troll", people LOVE getting upvotes, or they just don't care.

            Downvotes are not the same, they express negative feedback, weather it's hate or disagreement, some people will ALWAYS be hurt by it, therefore, it's existence will always cause harm.

            And you can't tell people to go because something annoys them, they have friends they bonded with here, and removing it wouldn't cause harm to anyone.

            Downvotes are useless because you can always just reply and say: "I disagree, here's why:" instead of click it, always.

            That's how I see it at least.

            • Where I disagree is that I don't think keeping it around really harms anyone. It may hurt your pride a little, but that can happen from a negative post. I've seen more hurt over unfriendly posts than downvotes. I just think that if we're allowed to express approval of an idea with upvotes, we should be allowed to express disapproval with downvotes. I think it makes it more fair and honest. I think they should remove all voting if they're going to remove downvotes. I think if a person is willing to take all the praise that people want to give them (in the form of upvotes), they should be willing to take the opposite. Why have voting at all? That's pretty much my point. Just lose the whole system.

              Personally, I don't like getting/giving downvotes, but I'm just trying to be objective. I think they do serve a purpose. I don't think everyone necessarily wants to take the time to list the reasons they disagree because that can lead to a long, drawn-out debate that some people may not have the time/interest for. I think we should instead devalue the power of upvotes/downvotes. They're not that big of a deal. They just tally the number of people who agree/disagree with your post. We shouldn't put anymore stock into it than that. I pretty much have learned to ignore them at this point. Otherwise, just lose the voting entirely. I understand why you disagree and your reasons are valid, in my opinion. I just think if we're objectively considering what's fair, it should be all or nothing with the voting.

              I think removing anonymity would discourage the mean-spirited trolls who downvote people en masse, and would lead to more honest voting and more discussion. That's my idea for a compromise. I have no idea how hard that would be to implement though (Disqus, a commenting system for news articles does it).

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                AWESOMEO BANNED

                I see your point, I think the best thing to do is make the downvotes not anonymous and bring them back, that would discourage free-hate.

          • It's kinda gonna suck when there are Cluke threads, Clementine hate threads and threads that say how terrible the game is that we can't downvote.

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        NerdyGeek BANNED

        So you like seeing good discussions and comments get lots of down votes for no reason?

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    AmazingAura01 BANNED

    Wait, why are we loosing a moderator? Who, if I may ask? I've been on so many forums and none of them are "perfect".

  • Doesn't really bother me, I'll still be active on the forums. Plus, we all still have Episode 5 to look forward to!

  • That upvote button is so lonely ;-;

  • It was a really hard situation, and a lot of us said mean things. Most people don't know the full story of what happened and why we were so angry. It caused some good people to leave the forums/consider leaving it.

    • I don't claim to. but nothing I heard casts anyone on this forum in a good light today.

      • We freaked out, mostly because of WHY she did it. We are like family and a lot of people in that thread were going through depressing things (someone's sister died, many people are generally depressed, hard family situations) and now we are all split up.

        I regret saying some of the things I said, but I reacted to the little information she originally gave at the time. I don't think most of us were bullying her or intended to, we were just incredibly angry at her reasoning behind it.

        • I can understand that, and as I said I don't mention anyone in particular. However, it's never a good idea to take out personal problems on others. I understand that the regulars of forum of the dead were like family, having visited the thread a few times myself. But what I've hear d about was a huge overreaction. You guys aren't split up for good. there is the new mega-thead, which, once reopened, will probably be home to new members as well as old. there's also many good websites which can be used to make you're own thread. you could even exchange contact information. I know it was not malice by most people. I just don't want it to happen again.

          • Neither do I, and I don't think it will. A lot of us are considering moving somewhere else where we don't have our discussion controlled by a corrupt mod. It's just sad, because 4 months and over 50,000 comments is pretty much over with. I started playing TWDG near the release for Starved For Help, and my first account was made in November 2012. Kind of sad that the community has come to this.

        • The mods have voiced their opinions in the What Happened? thread.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          You aren't "split up" - at least you weren't until I locked the thread, after you guys were already concerned about being split up.

          • Whatever you say you can't justify this situation. Sure, bad things were said, and we all apologise on behalf of those who directed their anger at the person who made this decision in a non-constructive manner. But that doesn't change the fact that the decision was unneccesary and no one wanted it.

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              Blind Sniper Moderator

              Whatever you say you can't justify this situation

              Awfully funny, considering I already have justified it countless posts. I'd tell you to read some of my other posts today, but that's taking the easy way out so I will demonstrate with visuals instead.

              A single fan fiction on the forum game section did not deserve it's own off topic thread.

              We only let it be for so long because the thread's popularity caught us off guard. Needless to say, the thread blew up in popularity. A single fan fiction does not need or deserve it's own off topic thread. It wasn't a personal motive, it was just decided that a thread that big was better off being merged into an actual off topic thread. Had we known from the start that the thread would get that big, we would have snipped it in the bud that much sooner.

              And before you all ask, no - you can't make a "small" FotDL thread. No more threads like that. From now on, stick with the Whatever's on Your Mind megathread, or create a new thread about a specific subject if it warrants doing so.

              As I said earlier, being a volunteer moderator is a labor of love. We don’t just look out for one group and play favorites, we try to act in the best interest of what makes the community a better place. Sometimes, this means going against the mass opinion, but I sincerely give you my heartfelt promise that this thread merging wasn’t meant as a jibe against you guys. The point of the matter is that a moderator, acting in the best interest of the collective community, decided a single fan fiction did not need its’ own off topic thread. Sure, you said your selves that others were welcome to participate, but we already had another thread that filled that niche.


              Oh, and by the way, you all don’t get to mandate what thread this is or isn’t. This thread isn’t the Forum of the Dead Lounge anymore. I’m sorry that you don’t get to have your own off topic thread, but that’s because there already was an off topic thread. I’m not going to play favorites with you all. Not after the frankly abhorrent response you all have given by resulting to harassment and bullying.

              • As I said before, if the idea of a fan fiction having its own off topic thread offended you that much you could have told us to rename it. You could have even changed it yourself.

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                  Blind Sniper Moderator

                  We did rename it. We also merged it with some other threads. The FotDL posts are still there - Still the most recent, and still the most prominent.

                  Nobody reads the first few pages of a massive off topic posting thread anyways. They always read the latests posts - and had nobody complained, then they would still see the recent off topic posts from FotDL.

                  • I meant you could have renamed it without merging, a more desirable outcome. It wouldn't effect the other threads then.

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                      Blind Sniper Moderator

                      Doesn't change that a fan fiction doesn't need an off topic thread when we already had a designated off topic thread elsewhere.

                      Yes, we were late to act and let the thread grow large when we should have merged it sooner. Whoopsie daisy, better late than never.

                      If a staggering majority of the posts from the other threads are way upfront, why does it even matter?

                      • The only reference to TWD is in the title, you only needed to tweak the title to remove the reference of TWD. Then nobody has to have their threads mashed together into some "Megathread".

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                          Blind Sniper Moderator

                          ...but we already had threads that filled that purpose. We just merged them.

                          That's part of what we do. We try to merge similar threads to remove clutter.

                          • But this isn't just merging threads like about release dates, your merging communities. Communities that may not be comfortable with being pushed involuntairly into whole new communities, that may not like eachother, that may even argue with eachother. That is not fair and will break all of those originally peaceful communities.

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                              AWESOMEO BANNED


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                              Blind Sniper Moderator

                              that may even argue with eachother.

                              That's what the report button exists for. ;)

                              As for the rest of what you've said, you're dismissing people without giving them a chance. As you said, the only difference is the thread title and some more posts. If you are inclusive to guests as you and other lounge members have prided yourselves on, and if the old threads are inactive as you say they are, then why is this a problem?

                              • I'll let someone else explain. I'm not going to worthlessly argue with you for any longer. Why are you not prepared to comply with us and change things?

  • It's a sad day here at the forum. :c

  • all i'm gonna say is i wasn't one of those people really abusing her but there is more to what happened than you know i think thats all i will say

    • Tsk tsk tsk...

      What is this, then? Posted in "Telltale Games Forum Members".

      "Jewfreeus 15 hours ago
      "#fuck jennifer"

      • Seriously, you have no idea about the full scope of the situation. We all regret some of the things we said, but most people aren't even paying attention to some important things Password (who is sadly banned) pointed out.

        • Could you please stop with "You have no idea about the situation"? It looks like nobody has, and yet everyone claims to be the arbiter of the whole debate. And not to mention the very way this Password fella presented them.

          You all regret some of the things you said? Well, gee, that's wonderful! But, you know what? It doesn't change anything by now.

          • I'm not going to stop, a good user was banned and others left and they want their voices to be heard.

            Password had many good points which were ignored.

            • I don't know anything about him being a good user. From what I've seen, he was more of a social justice warrior, bent on bringing down "tyranny" any way available. Well, he can rest in peace knowing that ultimately he succeeded.

              • Like Jewf, I'm not going to argue with you anymore on something that has nothing to do with you.

                • I'm a member of the forums, and Jennifer just so happened to be one of its moderators until today. It does damn well concern me. Don't put the concerns of your mafiosi family (or "Lounge", as you would prefer it) as something "that has nothing to do with others".

                  • She said that because you don't really know the whole story to it. You weren't involved with what happened. You just... Don't understand... (I'm not trying to offend you in any way)

                    • Oh, I understand it pretty well. You, people, all your Corleone family, are a part of some different sub-forum, that lives its own life, despite, nevertheless, still being a part of this forum, and whoever is outside of your Corleone family doesn't have a right to express their opinion or make an argument because they "don't understand".

                      Fine, then. Voicing an opinion was never an easy task on these forums, anyway.

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                        Talimancer BANNED

                        Lingvort, careful. They'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

                        • They wouldn't ask me with respect. They wouldn't offer friendship. They don't even think to call me Mr. House.

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                            Talimancer BANNED

                            Someday. And that day may never come. The forum will ask upon you to do a service.

                          • How about they PM you and tell you their side first. There was never a strict membership, you could have easily joined.

                            • I never wanted to join the Lounge. Not when it was a place to discuss the fanfic I never read, nor when it became what it is, a lounge.

                              Well, they can PM me and tell their side of the story, but I doubt any of them would be willing.

                              • I'm certain they will, I invite them to.

                                • So, SimonElegamy told me your side of the story...

                                  Well, I see now why were you all upset (actually, I saw this argument being used even before he told me about it, but, whatever), but it still doesn't validate any treatment Jennifer was given. Unless she is proven to have malicious intentions concerning the threads' merging, she's really not guilty of the crimes conceived. Nothing of value was lost, all posts remained intact, the pesky posts that, in your Lounge people's opinion, did not belong there exist only at the beginning of the thread. But, I guess that's not good enough.

                      • No, I'm my saying that. You're allowed to voice your opinion, I'm not stopping you from that. You just did it right now with that comment. And I respect you for that, a WHOLE LOT I like it when people express their opinions because others can learn new things and understand other peoples point of views.

                        I'm just saying that it's like you're trying to argue about something that you don't know the full story to. And when you find out the whole story, your statements and how you think of the situation will probably change. And I'm not saying that the people in the lounge are above others, I'm just sayin that you weren't actually there. You just saw sorta big bits and pieces if the situation. This situation has a little to do with the past also(and I'm talking months ago). And you most probably went aware of that.

                        Please excuse me if I'm coming off offensive, that's not what I'm trying to do... It's just that some people get the wrongs idea sometimes, and I know you're a reasonable and intelligent man, I just dont want you to think I'm trying to start something along with what's already going on.

                        • Look, if you (or any of the people from the Lounge) want me to at least get a better insight on the situation, feel free to enlighten me. Not sure if it would change my views, but it might give me a better perspective overall.

            • This situation was handled quite badly.

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            Look, everything that happened resulted from a stupid merge that had no point anyway, we were all pissed about it, things were said.

            I personally didn't, but whatever, the mods didn't do justice and people were pissed, this is all a chain event caused by one thoughtless act.

            • Yeah, but, of course, this whole current situation is Jennifer's fault, right? Not like the people from the Lounge had nothing to do with it.

              Seriously, though, I understand that this backlash happened due to sudden, and as some put it, unnecessary decision, but the people on the Lounge made Jennifer leave the forums, a moderator, for fuck's sake.

              I hate it when people from older times say that this place have gone to shit, but I guess they weren't so wrong in the end.

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                AWESOMEO BANNED

                Nope, we all carry a little responsibility for it, but yes, most of it is hers because she started the whole thing...

                Ling, I don't know how they made her leave, I didn't have anything to do with it, but yo know what? It's her choice.

                Being a moderator, just like a leader, requires emotional stability, if she really couldn't take some people's impulsive and meaningless insults and had to leave because of it, then let it be that, she's a grown woman that can decide things for herself, and a moderator needs to be able to take hits from the community sometimes, because being a leader is a selfless job.

        • He's banned? What for?

      • that was before when everyone was mad and jennifer left us in the dark after that i tried to be civil while others didnt and i said that on steam where she couldnt see it people were to saying things TO her directly

        • Well, that makes it so much better, then, right? Right?

          Oh, no, wait, it does not.

          • nothing wrong with expressing anger with a certain person especially when its outside of the forum think what you want but im not gonna sit here arguing with you about something you had nothing to do with

            • Yeah, yeah, your mafiosi clan (or "Lounge", as you would prefer it) has unique concerns, I guess, which are above the common forum users.

          • Thanks for expressing reason, Mr. House. You were always good at that. @Jewfreeus, you should really stop embarrassing yourself and instead re-evaluate your life.

            EDIT: Lmao, originally wrote Dr. House. Slightly different characters.

            • yes i will re evaluate my life over one comment i made out of anger ok the ...,

              • No, you should re-evaluate your life due to you seemingly being so hateful and shallow. Spend your time exercising anger over the things that matter. Not over a moderator on a fucking gaming forum who did her duty.

                • He's not hateful and shallow he's an awesome guy who you know next to nothing about.

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                    Blind Sniper Moderator

                    Guys, just calm down. Please.

                    • U-huh, sorry. It just drives me crazy how these people have caused a moderator to quit. The whole situation was mind-numbingly childish. I'll try to hold back on the hate.

                    • i want to i really do i dont even want to talk about the situation but i cant stand the fact that people are making all of us look like horrible people cause we said a few mean things out of anger which we didnt mean

                      • Exactly, I'm not trying to cause an argument or sound at all irrational or aggressive, I just deeply disagree with this.

                        • I don't think it is actually worth arguing about why this was bad or why eachother is wrong anymore. We need to fix this, we need to take action. Because if we don't we will argue like this forever. We don't want that and neither do the mods, I may have not kept a level head during this, others haven't. But we just want to sort things out, for all of us.

      • I know people can get angry sometimes, but from what I've heard the response was way out of proportion. usually about 2 people start something like this, and everyone else just joins the general crowd, regardless of personal opinion.

  • And another thing. I see people getting angry at the mods all the time. I've been on this forum for almost a year now, and I've seen this happen time after time. These people don't get paid, they don't get rewarded, most of the time they don't even get mentioned. But they do this because they want to. Not because they have to. They love this forum enough not to want to see it go to pieces, like many other websites do. Try and support them. Because if they tirelessly attempt to make this a better place, and you tirelessly hate on them, they'll leave. A few of them already have. Just... be nice. Be positive. Be a good person. This will sound cheesy, but change? change starts with you.

    • That was...beautiful.I almost shed a tear,I'm not even kidding ;(

    • I agree. We joined this forum around the same time and while I haven't commented as much as you, I lurk a lot. I've seen the same things you have. Being a mod is a thankless job and most of the ones here are pretty cool. They volunteer their time to keep the forum cleaned up. They're human, like the rest of us, and sometimes make mistakes, but I've yet to see one intentionally try to harm or insult people on the forums. I don't really know what went down, but maybe some perspective is needed. At the end of the day, this is just another gaming forum. It's pretty insignificant and nothing to get too heated over. Deep breaths and happy thoughts, people. ;-)

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  • I can still create the image of the dislike button next to the like. sigh

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