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Rest in peace, ye ol' thumbs.

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So, the dislikes are, from this moment, gone. I, for one, was never the one who argued for their removal. Sure, it was abused a lot, but see it from my perspective - you see a thread made by someone whom you can't stand, and you know that voicing your opinion would only get you into an argument which you don't need, and yet you can't walk past it. What would you do in that case? Downvote. Plain and simple.

Well, I'm pretty sure it won't affect the way people give their opinion in any way. Those who used to just downvote everything and not comment will remain just as silent, and those members who were vocal while the downvote feature was in would remain just as vocal. Congratulations, you've got rid of it. One problem solved.

Another point was that some people were afraid to give their opinions because of the "downvote" backlash. Well, ladies and gents, if you were afraid to give your opinion because of the downvotes, wouldn't you be afraid to give it, now that we are all forced to post our potential displeasure? In my opinion, that makes it even worse.

Rest in peace, ye ol' thumbs. You would've been a good feature, if not for your over-abuse.

"Here Lies

Downvote feature


P.S: Oh, and somebody, contact and unban Flog61, if possible. It's time for him to come back (till his Voluntary ban Mark III, anyway).

  • Thread: What happened?

    OK, so I was off the forum to take a break for a bit, when I come back I find the FOTDL closed for business, A certain member banned, and Jennifer might have quit(?) So from what I managed to grab from the rubble and do a textbook Darth Vader "No" Everyone was acting like jerks toward others and mods because the FOTDL got moved. So, what I wanted to ask was can I have the whole story from a mod or user?

  • Yep, that's about right. From what I gathered...

    1.) Random OT discussions were merged into a single thread (FOTDL was the largest, but my favorite Random/Rap Battle/Giraffe thread also got buried.) :(

    2.) Torrential outpouring of anger/vitriol from the FOTDL clique.

    3.) Some dude got banned and the community was put in collective timeout from the 'whatever's on your mind" thread.

    • Ah. So do you know if FOTDL will ever be out back?

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        The threads were merged. That means all posts are still there in the same order, and that the FotDL posts are still most recent and prominent (or were at least, prior to the complaining).

        People bullied Jennifer for choosing to do this and said all kinds of hateful things to her. It's kind of sad that such a small change lead to all this. :/

        • Did it really need to happen though?

          That's the question I would ask. From what I hear she has had it out for the lounge for a long time.

          • She didnt hate the lounge from what I saw. I seen her posts with joy on there a few times, and was being kind. She probably just felt the need to take the inititive to do something that was stated in the guidelines. But I dont think it was really needed since there was inactivity in the other threads, but what done is done, no need to put more pressure on Jennifers hands.

            • Any action to try to revert these changes should happen. Considering an unmerge is impossible, maybe we should be allowed to make new versions of our threads respectively. And the merged thread would still be allowed to exist so people can look back on their conversations (despite being merged with others).

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            Blind Sniper Moderator

            From what I hear she has had it out for the lounge for a long time.

            No offense to whoever told you that, but that's hilariously over exaggerated.

            We only let it be for so long because the thread's popularity caught us off guard. Needless to say, the thread blew up in popularity. A single fan fiction does not need or deserve it's own off topic thread. It wasn't a personal motive, it was just decided that a thread that big was better off being merged into an actual off topic thread. Had we known from the start that the thread would get that big, we would have snipped it in the bud that much sooner.

            And before you all ask, no - you can't make a "small" FotDL thread. No more threads like that. From now on, stick with the Whatever's on Your Mind megathread, or create a new thread about a specific subject if it warrants doing so.

  • Jennifer quit?! Nooooooo!! She was so nice and helpful :(

  • the fotd lounge got merged with two other threads there were some angry arguments and apparently jennifer left i personally think the time to do it was not now cause some serious shit was happening with some of the people in the lounge but im not gonna get into that and i don't wanna argue with anyone

  • Thread: Are the dislikes gone?

    I don't know if it's just because i'm on my phone or what the hell :d

  • yea they are gone in a way this is good but in a way its really bad how are we supposed to tell if a thread is a troll thread or something? i think the downvotes for threads should still be here just not on comments

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    Ellias BANNED

    wtf is going on

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    So, what I wanted to ask was can I have the whole story from a mod or user?

    The story so far: In the beginning the universe was created.
    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

    Actually, someone finally merged all the off topic threads, something I should have done more than half a year ago.

    This move has first been misunderstood as infringing in any way on the most active of those off topic threads. Which wasn't the case at all. The only thing that really changed was the thread title. But even after the title and first post were changed back to the one of the most popular off topic thread, some people were still complaining about how their entire life had been destroyed by the move, how they would melodramatically leave the forum immediately and throw themselves in front of a train. The quite contrary standpoints "these other threads were dead anyway" and "I don't want these other people in our thread" were openly uttered, sometimes both by the very same person. The anger was mostly directed against the merging moderatrice.

    Who had done nothing but a very elementary part of her community service, which she will not continue thanks to the aggressive and rioting parties involved.

    Needless to say, the remaining mods got really, really pissed. And STILL just one ban was issued... and it was universally agreed by all remaining moderators that the ban duration issued was far too lenient.

    For that I apologize herewith.


  • Couldn't put that any better. I feel exactly the same way.

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