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Why Wellington?

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So, to get things straight:
The Clem's journey started from Atlanta -> Savannah -> North Carolina -> Wellington (???)
Is it just me or someone else too wonder why for the bloody hell they would go through over-populated states (and they will have to go through Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio if they wanna make it) if they could just go in the West?

I mean seriously they could've just go to Arkansas or Kansas or Oklahoma. It's not that far away like Michigan. Think about it: Less population -> less density -> less survivors you gonna meet -> less walkers and less risk to become one.

  • it's not that freaking cold like in Michigan where they goin'.
  • it's easier and faster to get there than to Wellington.
  • corn, lol.

Well, walkers won't freeze themselves to death like in Wellington.
But still. Isn't that more logical? What are you guys think?

  • I think the idea was to find more survivors and form a new community.

  • I think they're getting their hopes too high about wellington. Or we'll be surprised.

    • That's what I keep thinking about. Every try to build a new community was a failure. Crawford, Carver's place, Woodbury (TV), prison (TV). They all eventually fell. So I dont think that's a good idea to cross half of the country just for one more try. They should better think about small stable group like in S01.

      • But in the comics there is Alexandria Safe-Zone which is a great community and it works very well for 4 years now. Yeah, they had some problems with a herd and with people, some of residents died but for the most part they live almost like before apocalypse there. People have jobs, they bake their own bread, make their own clothes, tools, cast their own bullets, they even trade between communities.

        • I didn't read the comics yet (thanks for spoil it to me, btw :D no hf)
          Well, 4 years it's actually a lot. But just think about it. Just one mistake - un unlocked door, falling asleep patrol or suddenly sicked man who eventually died and no one found out about it...This one mistake can destroy whole community. That one mistake destroyed every communities which I mentioned above and eventually it may destroy this community as well. Although, who knows.

          • Yeah, that's true, it may fall eventually. I just wanted to point out that it can work even for a longer period of time.

            And sorry for the spoiler, though I haven't spoiled that much, a lot happens there :) Also, from what I heard, TV show may arrive to Alexandria in next season, so that's exciting.

  • Less people = Less Supplies

    More people = More Supplies

    • well, it's controversial.
      More people need more food, clothes, drugs etc.

      • Does that mean that you agree with me, saying that there's more supplies in more densely populated areas?

        Or are you referring to the survivors group in this area that need the supplies?

        • oh, that's what you meant by that.
          In more densely populated areas more walkers - you hardly will be able to get these supplies. We learned that from Atlanta and Savannah.
          Food can be provided from farms in the west. There's plenty of corn, so it shouldn't be a problem. The only problem is drugs.

          • Sorry, I'm the one that's messed up the communication here, I meant that in areas were more people did live, there would be more food, clothes, medicine, due to more usage and demand for it than in a rural area. But you make a good point when you say that because there were more people, there are more walkers. Nice point.

            Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • i sometimes don't understand telltale... why would they take real life countries and cities to a game ..?

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    InfiniteDawn BANNED

    Wellington = BOAT

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