A New Day: Forum Edition. (AKA: Turn this into something POSITIVE guys!)

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Hello everyone.

So in the past eight hours or so, some unpleasantries have happened, and the forum is in, how shall we say, a bit of a mess. But one that, depending in large part on us ourselves, is merely temporary.

For today, as angers were unleashed, so were downvotes recalled. This is not a punishment, nor something to get more angry at.

This is an opportunity for us.

For months the forum has been getting increasingly negative, people (including myself) have been less and less eloquent and more and more emotion driven, to such an extent that most of us aren't even willing to listen to the opinions of others.

But now, with the removal of the downvote, this can change.

From now on, if you disagree with someone about something, explain exactly why you do so disagree. If you do that in a fair manner, the original poster will respond with a counterpoint and a pleasant discussion will follow.

The events which happened today should shock us. They show us the worst we can be, and the worst consequences of our actions. And now we know what we are capable of, lets make extra efforts to rein it in and to be positive. To be constructive. To be more *awesome, as an awesome company deserves.

Some of you feel that you are now unable to raise concerns or disagree as we should be able to.Your opinions haven't been constrained by the mods by removing the downvote. You can still disagree with someone as easily as pushing a few buttons. But now we have to articulate our disagreement, more secure and tested views will be brought in: our opinions will be nuanced far more elegantly than the hack and saw manner of upvotes vs downvotes.

These forums used to consist of great edifices of positivity and to be a nice place hang around on and express opinions.

Now, bros, let's rebuild it.

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