Where does Clem lie on Kenny's 'defense' priority list?

So episodes 3 and 4 have been quite interesting for Ken.

In episode 3 he defends us which is very admirable (although arguably not quite so 'omg amazing' as he does force you to take the radio in the first place, but I digress).

He also becomes more unstable, and this continues through most of episode 4, in which he is angry at clem.

But then he calms down when the baby comes into being, and he'/s happy (ish) and has something to fight for again. But this poses a bit of a problem.

In a life or death situation, who will Kenny prioritise? Because right now his entire mental state rests on the baby, and as a result of that it seems like he could well try to save it over clem now.

I'm not sure, but I honestly can't see him sacrificing the baby for, well, anyone.

Thoughts? :)



  • even though he seems close to the baby, i think he deep down is more close to Clem, i even think hes gonna sacrifice himself to save Clem in episode 5

  • Interesting.

    It's just it seems now like he thinks his life depends on that baby or something and harbours recent resentments towards clem about Sarita so, yeah, not sure.

    I kind of doubt he'll sacrifice himself to save her in episode 5 because that would be too much like the last time he died :/

  • Yeah but telltale aren't out there to have fan service stuff, they're out there to tell a compelling story! :p

    We don't need a grand heroic tearjerking speech, that would be far too cheesy and predictable in my opinion.

  • i know it would be a little repetetive, if he sacrificed himself again, but this time he could have an emotional/inspirational speech right before he died, that would both make me smile, and shed a tear

  • thats your opinion, but it aint mine :)

  • Yep, that's pretty much what I think :/

    I'm scared in episode 5 he may run from the group trying to save the baby and just leave them or something, don't know :/

  • With all the Duck references in the season so far, it wouldn't suprise me if the baby has become Duck II for Kenny.
    And if that is the case, well, good luck to anybody that isn't the baby,

  • Its baby, then himself (to care for the baby), then clem. Everyone else is nothing to him

  • We should start from episode 2 , as Carver was holding Clementine as hostage Kenny quickly surrendered for her sake .

    The main worry and concern in my mind in episode 5 ,is Kenny might care for the baby more than Clem and might leave her in harms way while protecting the baby.He shifts all his worries and priorities to the baby with Luke on his back being the voice of reason and complaint.

  • Awh

    Yeah you're probs right but it's not nice to think about haha. Like, I'm not sure I want someone in the group who doesn't care about half of its members, y'know?

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    and your opinion is fine too :)

  • But episode 2 can actually serve as quite an interesting structure for episode 5 and Kenny.

    In episode 2, Clem's arrival made Kenny very happy, unusually so noted by Sarita.

    He also wasn't that broken up at having caused Walter's death, a man whom he was very close to.

    Now the baby is here and it's made him much happier, what if Clem is the new Walter? What if Kenny is jumping from seeing hope in different characters and having fierce loyalty to them, as with his family in season 1?

    I feel that the baby has replaced Clem in part in his heart.

  • Yeah you're right , exactly.

    But mate what if (but I don't like what I'm going to say right now) the baby will be lost.I can't imagine him , I can't imagine Luke nor Clementine view on this.

    Like always Kenny will shift the blame on either Luke or Clem.

    We'll have a really really broken Kenny ,the baby replaced will be abruptly gone and he will have Luke and Clem left.

  • I'm thinking Clem is just second to the baby.

  • I honestly believe that if the baby dies Kenny is going to go crazy.

    I think he'll either kill another group member, probably Luke, or himself.

  • I can't imagine it hapenning

  • I still think Kenny is holding a grudge about Sarita, and as you said, the baby appears to be more important to him then Clem.

  • Agreed I dont like him and havnt since starved for help

  • That baby is


  • Pardon? Légionnaire? Mais oui!

  • I can't understand you.

  • Leejr.. légionnaire..



  • Stop messing with me, please?

  • It's funny if you read it in a french accent. In my head it is atleast.

    :( Won't do it again.

  • 1: Ken Jr. Jr.

    2: Clem

    3: Everyone who isn't an asshole

  • Yeah, I remember learning French as a kid, I still don't know anything about French.

  • I think the baby is definitely his first priority and then Clementine is second. I've also been dreading a scene where Kenny would have to end up choosing the baby over Clem. But I hope that does not happen and he snaps out and realizes that Clementine is very important to him still.

  • Me neither. I think you just read all the french words I know. And I had to look up how to spell légionnaire.

    But anyway, Lee junior...

    Ehm... no! :)

  • He would save the baby

  • *Everyone who isn't an a-hole in Kenny's opinion.

    But yeah, that seems to be how his mind operates.

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    He sees the baby as something he has to protect, and that gives him purpose. I do think the baby comes first for him.

    He sees Clem as someone who "can take care of herself better than three adults put together". He wants something to protect to give him a reason to live, and he realized Clem can't fill that role anymore.

  • Exactly. He tried to protect Clementine but he eventually realized that she has grown up and she isn't the little eight year old girl he remembers

  • I could see that happening. He just takes the baby and disappears.

  • I thought it was funny lol

  • Kenny would sacrifice himself to let Clem get away WITH the baby. He wouldnt sacrifice Clem or the baby - he'd sacrifice himself.

  • No. It's the baby, then Clem (to care for the baby) then himself.

    Kenny has a martyr complex. He needs to protect others. If there was a decision between saving Clem or the baby, he'd most likely do a decision involving getting Clem to save the baby while he puts himself in harm's way (and probably get himself killed in the process). Because he does care about the baby. And he does care about Clem. And he is getting to the point where he's wanting to die, but I don't think he'd do what his wife did - he'd want his death to have some meaning based on how he tries to sarcrifice himself in Season 1 to save Ben, or to save Christa. Sacrificing himself to save Clem AND the baby is a much easier call in his mind.

  • It wouldnt be Lee Jr unless Lee was the father.

    It could be 'Lee' though.

  • Alt text

    And Kenny's new son can't even take care of himself.

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