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possible site add ons and programs

posted by Dangerzone on - last edited - Viewed by 372 users
Hi guys... great site and great games, but i have a few suggestions for possible add ons to the site

#1) after ordering the new wallace and gromit series i noticed that my "your games" page has fallen into disarray

I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to make a way for us to organize our games on the page in the order of our choosing... so we could organize them by favorites, or by release order, or by series... etc.

maybe creating a flash add on for the page so we can click and drag the games... and perhaps some "sort by" buttons at the top. (plus I know how much you guys like flash :D)

#2) I was also wondering if you guys would be interested in making a "universal launcher" so that we could play all of our telltale games from a single executable program... and any new games get added into it as well... this could be a cool way to keep our games organized on our computer, and possibly show us any games we are missing.

I know this has been suggested and turned down in the past as too major of an undertaking... but with as many games as you guys have, they are ridiculously cramming up my desktop, and it's becoming hard to keep track of them all... it seriously needs to be considered now.

#3) another neat idea could be a live irc chat widget on the site as well (and possibly accessible through the above-said program)... being able to chat live with other users, (including while playing your games) would be pure awesomeness... so we can give/get help, and just shoot the breeze... Forums are fun, but sometimes I prefer a little "spontaneity"

Anyways, I hope my ideas are seriously considered this time... Thanks, and keep up the good work.
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