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Help With Flash - The making of a YouTube Poop

posted by Snicklin on - last edited - Viewed by 838 users
Can I even do this with Flash? If, so how do I?

I want to make something about Cars. I wanna take some clips of some Cars videos from the internet and arrange it into a YTP. Though I have no idea how to do this.

Any ideas?
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  • Sure, use a Video Downloader plugin in Firefox, get the FLVs and import them in Flash. Then draw crap over it.

    But please, PLEASE make it a funny poop? I'm tired of seeing yet another unfunny, senseless poop. :(
  • Expect something like this.
  • Yeah, that's nice. :) Except the insane repetitions.

    Crazy phrases!
  • Wait a minute... Video Download Plugin? Where's that?

    Er never mind... I figured it out.
  • dvdvideosoft
    it looks like a virus program- but it isn't!
  • Hey, how do I import sound? In Flash?
  • No clue if this works, but try importing the FLV as an audio file? Otherwise, play the FLV file back in a video player application and somehow have it capture the sound (SMPlayer is capable of doing both of these, I believe).
  • AAARGH! It's not working.

    I heard Adobe Premiere worked with making YTPs, too. But whenever I try to import a video I downloaded via Firefox, it says that it was "this file was either damaged, an unsupported type, locked, or in use by another application".

    I'm really ticked at that.

    I have Adobe Premiere 6.0. And my Flash version is CX Pro 2004, just so you know.
  • Snicklin;118495 said:
    Hey, how do I import sound? In Flash?
    OK, first, save your file as an MP3 or a .wav. Then, in Flash, go into:

    File -> Import -> Import to Library.

    Then, select the audio file you want to use. After it imports, It'll be in your library. Then, create a new layer. Click the first keyframe, and then click the Properties tab. You should see a "Sound" drop-down menu. Select the sound you imported before from the drop-down menu. It'll load in that layer! You can see how long the sound lasts by adding frames afterward. Then, animate!
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