• I've read up to issue 73 so far and I would love to see Cindy, frau, Pinocchio, boy blue, rose red, charming, and possibly Bigby's dad in season 2.

  • I'm up to around issue 75, and I have to say they are really good. Amazing writing, illustration, I am really enjoying them.

    As for who I want to see more of in a hopeful season 2, it would most likely be Cindy and Boy Blue. It would also be cool to see more Jack, considering his role in the comics are small as well.

  • Mr North!
    We've seen how tough the Big Bad Wolf is. Now it is time to give him a new dimension. I would love to see a story based around the North Wind visiting Fabletown. Maybe due to some rogue zephyr causing havoc among the fables or something.

    • Yeah, that already happened in the comics...

      • I know, but there the zephyr is his own grandson and the whole thing goes out with a fizz. I was really excited about seeing Mr North and Mr Dark duke it out, but eh...
        So maybe they can do something in the games? It's not as if the first season's plot had no similarity with the elements of the comics.

  • I really wanna see Boy Blue, Pinocchio, more Jack, and Rose Red. I was gonna put Prince Charming, but I think he's supposed to be in Europe at the time.

  • One character I don't think we will be seeing much of is Snow. Where Bigby's and hers relationship stood when the game ended is sort of where it picks off in the comics. I don't see them partnering up in season 2 because they can't really continue their relationship without it turning into a romance.

    So depending on what the plot is in s2, Bigby will either be a lone wolf or teams up with Cindy hopefully.

  • Cinderella, Briar Rose, Frau Totenkinder, Boy Blue, Rose Red (she's cute).

  • Issue 143 actually came out today!

  • Cindy of course. Would love to to meet her in shady alleys, away from everyone.
    Besides the weird (non-existent) innuendo would allow Snow to keep working with Bigby without taking the next step, since he would look as womanizer as Prince Charming.

    Goldilocks and her weird zoophilia, would be interesting. And also serve to open the abyss that will keep Snow and Bibgy apart, PLUS plant the seed of her hatred towards both.

    Some people from the 13th Floor, King Cole, Boy Blue, more Flycatcher (choosing errands that affect the story path would be epic), are some of the others.

  • Something that would be really cool is if they had a 400 Days type DLC where we played little short stories as different Fables that will play a bigger role in the next season, like hopefully Boy Blue, Cindy, maybe Rose Red.

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