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Is Kenny going to die in ep 5?

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When I saw this pic on Facebook. The first thing that came to my find is that Kenny is dead. What we saw in the previous episode is that Kenny is very protective of the baby. He would never let Clem take it alone.
But what do I know? What do you think?

  • This new news to me.
    I was not aware that this existed, until now.

    I hope that Kenny is still alive.
    Perhaps Kenny is badly wounded, and Clementine has to take charge of the baby during this time, as Kenny is to badly injured to do so.
    Obviously, this does not tell the whole story.
    And it has been confirmed, to my knowledge, that Kenny will be in the 5th episode.
    I'm hoping Kenny will be kept alive.

    He's such a colorful character, and adds so much raw-emotional drama to the series, that in my opinion, TWD would not be the same without him.

    In a nut shell, the best way I can say it is like this: "It's just a couple of gunshot wounds, he's not like the others. Jesus! All y'all are just makin' it worse!"

    • Isn't there some kind of pill, somethin' we can just... give him. He can just drift off to sleep, right guys? I mean Jesus, guys, this is Kenny!

    • I also hope Kenny will be alive. I can agree with Katjaa that he can be dumb as a bag of hammer. He can be mean and act stupid sometimes but he only wants whats best for the group.

      • All of them ultimately want the best for the group though, that doesn't mean that no-one should die.

        • Absolutely not. But if he died it would be a loss for the group. He had a family so he kind of knows how to keep a group together. Also he is the one that makes some of the tougher decision and can step up. Since he makes the tougher decisions he gets a lot of hate. He is kind of a loner in the group since not many people agree with him.

          • Again, I think if any of them died it would be a loss to the group.

            Also, lots of the so called 'tougher' decisions he makes are unnecessary, such as beating carver to death brutally.

            Overall, he causes the most arguments out of anyone in group which offsets his supposed 'paternal feelings' towards the whole group which I think he only actually feels towards Clem and the baby.

            'He is kind of a loner in the group since not many people agree with him.' Precisely! Having someone who the majority disagree with as some supposed 'leader' of the group would be a terrible idea.

      • didnt' Kenny say Duck was dumb as a bag of hammers or something along those lines, I can't remember Katja ever saying that... off topic, but I know a person name Katja =)

    • By colorful, you mean black and white, right? he doesn't add "colour" he only has two emotions, slightly happy and pissed off at everyone. He seems to think he's #1 and everyone should pay attention to him, just cause he's some douchebag from Florida. I really really hope he dies in the finale rather than telltale coping out again and forcing him to survive in fear of losing money from some kenny fanboys.

      I also wish he isn't badly injured. I don't want episode time wasted on babysitting him.

      • I respectfully disagree.
        Next to Lee, I think Kenny is one of the best characters in TWD.
        Lee and Kenny are my favorites.

        I don't mind helping him, and encouraging him when he needs it.
        In my opinion, he adds a lot to the game, and he is a strong leader for the group.

        • I see what you're saying. I 100% agree with you that Kenny has added alot to the game and it wouldn't have been the same without him, so i think he is a great character in the sense that he has had alot of character development and to some degree a relatable backstory. I personaly do not like him as a person as he has annoyed be one too many times for my liking, however i do acknowledge the fact that he has added a lot to the story.

      • Shit. Harsh, but... you're not wrong...

      • Kenny is from Florida.

        • @Senrain Mistake noted.. xD

          @Kenny/Lee There's a point where babysitting him get's a chore and annoying. Considering in my game, I didn't agree with him killing a man, and this meant for the rest of the game he treated me like shit and refused to help me with Molly and at the drug store, youcan see why I don't like him. Kenny fans seem to have this mentality of we SHOULD agree with him because THEY like him and do the same. But I'm not changing my moral's and character and MY opinions cause Kenny "might" be a different person if I kiss his ass, cause what sort of person does that?

          @Everyone'sCleminTime Thank you man. :D

          • I did not agree with Kenny on everything.
            I did save duck at Herschel's.
            I stood up to Larry, on Duck's behalf.
            I helped Kenny kill Larry.
            And I euthanized Duck, so Kenny did not have to.

            However, I did not necessarily agree with Kenny about the boat.
            And after Vernon stole ours, I voted for getting out into the countryside.
            And with the boy in the attic, I helped Kenny do what needed to be done.
            I also disagreed about Ben.
            I refused to kick him out of the group.
            And I later saved him, even though Kenny objected, though considering Ben killed his family, I can't really blame Kenny for wanting Ben dead.

            And even after these disagreements, when Clementine went missing, Kenny jumped at the chance to help find her; refusing to let Lee go off by himself, even though I had Lee volunteer to do so.

            So I didn't sacrifice my humanity.
            And I don't believe Kenny has either.
            I think Kenny STILL has his humanity, and it's evident by the way he still looks after Clementine, and how far he's gone to protect her.
            As well as his concern for the baby.

            But I still made my own choices and decisions, based on my conscious.
            Even though I agreed with Kenny most of the time, I still held firm to what I believed to be the right thing.
            I did not, "kiss Kenny's ass."
            No disrespect intended.

            And to answer your question: "What kind of person kisses another's ass?"
            Only someone who is spineless.
            Or is to worried about how others may view him if he disagrees, or stands up for himself, afraid that others might see him as a jerk.
            That's the ONLY kind of person who does that.

            • Then I don't really see what I did wrong. After not agreeing with him killing Larry is when things spiralled for the worst.
              I tried being nice to him, only for him to immedaitly get childish and angry with me. During the raid to the drug store and what in the carriage when duck was getting sicker.

              He got even more pissed off at me for saving Ben.

              He then was presented as a changed man in season 2, and I thought he woudn't give a little child shit in season 2.

              Oh boy was I wrong, he still clung to the belief that someone he loved could be saved from a zombie bite after two years and gave a little child shit for doing the right thing, or even more unreasonabley, giving her shit for not cutting off her hand.

              So no, in my playthrough, he didn't care for clementine, I'm not wasting my time trying to convince an arsehole why saving a little child is the right to do, nor am I going to appeal to his needs to get a nice response out of him, it's a zombie apocalypse, you're all in this together, or you go on your own..

              • Just curious, what did you say to him, as Lee, in the Rv when it was discovered Duck had been bit, and then later on the train when the kid ran out out of time?

                • I forget what I said in the RV, but I think I was attempting to draw attention to bite.. something about giving them time? I know His wife thanked me, for what I said.

                  On the train, I simply showed him the bloody hankercheif. Maybe he's mad cause I beat his ass. :P

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    RomanZombie BANNED

    He probably dies in episode 5. Luke probably dies too. I think it will be Clem and the baby and they will meet Christa.

    • And possibly others. It'd be a bit weird if Season 2 ends exactly how it began + a baby.

    • Surely you jest!
      Kenny is way to tough to die.
      Look at all the shit he has survived already!

      • Admit it, Kenny's a human. A beaten-up and presumably shot human. I don't think he's gonna be too good if he lives.

        Ah, the things you can get off of your chest once downvotes are gone.

        • I feel you on the downvotes.
          It's a damn shame they're gone!
          People are way to sensitive these days, no disrespect intended.

          Anyway, about Kenny.

          Kenny has already been shot once.
          In episode 2 of season 1, by Andy St John.
          With a rifle, at point-blank range I might add.
          And yet he walked back to the motel on his own.
          Not just anyone can do that!

          That's John Wayne style right there!
          ( Yes I am a John Wayne fan. In case you didn't notice. Lol! )

    • If that happens my faith in telltale will be lost.

      • If you mean: "Telltale killing Kenny off would be a cheap move; and would really diminish the quality of the game," I totally agree.
        They already killed off Lee, whom it seems was a general favorite among players.

        They Killed off Carly, who was a determinate character, and they did they same to Ben, Alvin, Sarah and Nick.
        Seems like determinate characters are going to die no matter what.
        It would be nice if we have a determinate character to save, that he/she actually survives.
        If Mike and Bonnie become determinate characters in episode 5, it would be nice if they actually live, so that saving in the 1st place, doesn't feel like a wasted effort.
        It would be a nice change!

  • its possible but telltale can't exactly put anyone in the poster other than clem cause it will spoil the gunfight against the russians

  • I aint gonna die not with my beautiful moustache.

  • I'd put money on it.

  • If Kenny telltale forums..

    P.S:Kenny cant die.His beard gave him super powers.

  • He already died once, you cant kill what is already dead.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    IMO Kenny has as much chance as dying as Clementine.

  • I do hope Kenny survives. Personally, it would be lazy writing if Telltale decided to kill off all cast members except for Clementine and replace them all in the next Season.
    Fair enough that we lost Omid and possibly Christa. But at least we were with them in Episode 1 and were rejoined by Kenny in Episode 2.

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