Is Kenny going to die in ep 5?

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When I saw this pic on Facebook. The first thing that came to my find is that Kenny is dead. What we saw in the previous episode is that Kenny is very protective of the baby. He would never let Clem take it alone.
But what do I know? What do you think?



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    This new news to me.
    I was not aware that this existed, until now.

    I hope that Kenny is still alive.
    Perhaps Kenny is badly wounded, and Clementine has to take charge of the baby during this time, as Kenny is to badly injured to do so.
    Obviously, this does not tell the whole story.
    And it has been confirmed, to my knowledge, that Kenny will be in the 5th episode.
    I'm hoping Kenny will be kept alive.

    He's such a colorful character, and adds so much raw-emotional drama to the series, that in my opinion, TWD would not be the same without him.

    In a nut shell, the best way I can say it is like this: "It's just a couple of gunshot wounds, he's not like the others. Jesus! All y'all are just makin' it worse!"

  • He probably dies in episode 5. Luke probably dies too. I think it will be Clem and the baby and they will meet Christa.

  • Isn't there some kind of pill, somethin' we can just... give him. He can just drift off to sleep, right guys? I mean Jesus, guys, this is Kenny!

  • And possibly others. It'd be a bit weird if Season 2 ends exactly how it began + a baby.

  • its possible but telltale can't exactly put anyone in the poster other than clem cause it will spoil the gunfight against the russians

  • Well, at least we know Clem's okay.

  • I aint gonna die not with my beautiful moustache.

  • Surely you jest!
    Kenny is way to tough to die.
    Look at all the shit he has survived already!

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    Admit it, Kenny's a human. A beaten-up and presumably shot human. I don't think he's gonna be too good if he lives.

    Ah, the things you can get off of your chest once downvotes are gone.

  • "You don't just end it cause it's hard. You stick it out. And you help the folks you care about."
    That's got be the most profound thing Kenny has said so far in the series.
    It's one of my favorite quotes of all time.

  • Just like Season one ended the same way it started.

  • Wait so Kenny's moustache has a moustache ?

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    I feel you on the downvotes.
    It's a damn shame they're gone!
    People are way to sensitive these days, no disrespect intended.

    Anyway, about Kenny.

    Kenny has already been shot once.
    In episode 2 of season 1, by Andy St John.
    With a rifle, at point-blank range I might add.
    And yet he walked back to the motel on his own.
    Not just anyone can do that!

    That's John Wayne style right there!
    ( Yes I am a John Wayne fan. In case you didn't notice. Lol! )

  • I'd put money on it.

  • I also hope Kenny will be alive. I can agree with Katjaa that he can be dumb as a bag of hammer. He can be mean and act stupid sometimes but he only wants whats best for the group.

  • All of them ultimately want the best for the group though, that doesn't mean that no-one should die.

  • Absolutely not. But if he died it would be a loss for the group. He had a family so he kind of knows how to keep a group together. Also he is the one that makes some of the tougher decision and can step up. Since he makes the tougher decisions he gets a lot of hate. He is kind of a loner in the group since not many people agree with him.

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    Again, I think if any of them died it would be a loss to the group.

    Also, lots of the so called 'tougher' decisions he makes are unnecessary, such as beating carver to death brutally.

    Overall, he causes the most arguments out of anyone in group which offsets his supposed 'paternal feelings' towards the whole group which I think he only actually feels towards Clem and the baby.

    'He is kind of a loner in the group since not many people agree with him.' Precisely! Having someone who the majority disagree with as some supposed 'leader' of the group would be a terrible idea.

  • Just thought it seemed weird. Kenny doesn't seem like someone to leave the baby with Clem.

  • I think you're right. He is becoming more and more unstable. Starts a lot of unnecessary fights with many people is the group. Maybe he doesn't give the "tougher" decision any thought and just acts. Let out his anger because he has lost many of "his people", beating Carver to death for example.

  • If that happens my faith in telltale will be lost.

  • I completely agree.

    As harsh as it sounds, Kenny is tearing the group apart more than he is stitching it together at the moment, especially as he only really cares about the baby.

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    I have to take back some of the stuff I said earlier. I was clearly thinking of what he "had done" and not look at the current situation. Maybe he sees the baby as a chance to prove to himself that he can be a good father/family man since he lost Duck, Katjaa and Sarita. Maybe thats why he is only thinking of the baby. Redeem himself.

  • But for the Key Art to have been made there will be a scene where Clem is holding the baby and a gun; they would not make an animation/model just for a tiny teaser.

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    By colorful, you mean black and white, right? he doesn't add "colour" he only has two emotions, slightly happy and pissed off at everyone. He seems to think he's #1 and everyone should pay attention to him, just cause he's some douchebag from Florida. I really really hope he dies in the finale rather than telltale coping out again and forcing him to survive in fear of losing money from some kenny fanboys.

    I also wish he isn't badly injured. I don't want episode time wasted on babysitting him.

  • I agree that quote is amazing. I put it in this video:

  • If Kenny telltale forums..

    P.S:Kenny cant die.His beard gave him super powers.

  • He already died once, you cant kill what is already dead.

  • IMO Kenny has as much chance as dying as Clementine.

  • I agree!

    I think the baby has replaced clementine in that regard.

  • I aint gonna die! I am Jesus.

  • I do hope Kenny survives. Personally, it would be lazy writing if Telltale decided to kill off all cast members except for Clementine and replace them all in the next Season.
    Fair enough that we lost Omid and possibly Christa. But at least we were with them in Episode 1 and were rejoined by Kenny in Episode 2.

  • If I'm going to be honest. I don't really feel so much for the crew in season 2. It would be good to have some of the old left.

  • Nope, i'm 100% serious here. Both have dedicated fan bases, if one of them dies that side will be upset. The only way to keep the harmony is to keep them both alive.

  • Kenny gets wounded in episode 5, he might die.

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