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  • Why did you post this at midnight? Why not in the morning?

  • When can we expect trailer and release dates?


  • I Love Clem As A Character, And Would Hate To See Her Die. But Honestly, They Will Probably Kill Her To Break Our Hearts.

  • If so I don't think I could never play the walking dead again :(

  • if they kill clem I will punch someone in the face because we all love her and it wouldn't ever be the same again if they killed her off what would they do because I think confirmed season 3 so what would they do if they kill of clem who would be the main character the baby?!?! if the baby becomes the main character the series will be a lot more boring because we never really got to bond with it like we did clem. so I don't think clem will die.

  • Telltale Is Pretty Unpredictable. You Never Know.

  • At this point it'd be far too predictable to kill off Clem. Still a chance, but I don't see them taking the same route a second time at the same exact point as last season. A season 3 has been announced. If she does die, who would replace her? There's been no one of true significance this season good enough to become the lead character in my opinion. Telltale has been doing good by this series so far, so regardless, I don't doubt whatever happens until I've experienced what came of it. For instance, the end of season 1 had me confused at the future of the series, but the outcome couldn't have been more perfect.

  • There is no way that they will kill off Clem. The wouldn't pull a another Lee on us.

  • WAIT. Wheres everybody else! OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clem don't die pls (sry for english)

  • Don't do Vine anymore. Please. These things are short enough to loop about 30 times and probably have by the time I've finished typing this comment. Things are on auto-repeat or something, like we have ADD or...the right one, whichever that is.

  • OMG Clemmyclemclem, hold onnnnnn! (;_;)/

  • Christa to the rescue!

  • Fallen but not Forsaken ....Christa or.Lee?? 0_o

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