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Follow a moral decision or take Jane`s advice ?

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This has probably been asked before but if it came down to the decision and have a choice to either save the baby doing something heroic but in the process getting Clementine bit or will you listen too Jane`s advice and save your own skin , Jane did say , you don't owe these people anything , they will get you killed and I'm not sticking around too see it happen too you , I have too say , me myself .... I would save Clementine and let the baby die. That's really horrible but still I'm not going too be eaten alive by the undead too save somebody's baby , when in the first place your a idiot jerkoff too have a baby in a zombie apocalypse ..... sorry I'm all for the group but that's where I draw the line and worry about myself FOR ONCE ....

  • Survival comes before morality for me. Survival would be my top priority in the Apocalypse.

  • Throw the baby at the walkers and run.....okay I'm not that evil, but I would choose survival over morality.

  • "I owe these people everything, I wouldn't be here without them"

      • Hey I respect your opinion but your the one who's gonna be dead walking around looking for some nice human flesh too eat while in the next season they will be eating a can of beans around a campfire only too mention your name a few shitty Times in the next season like they did with Lee

        • the moment you save yourself to leave others behind is basically when you can kiss your humanity goodbye and you are no better than walkers

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          BigBadLarry BANNED

          It's been two years, they've probably talked about it already, he's in their hearts dude, they can't praise him every second. He's dead they have to be strong and get over it, living in the past isn't going to help. And it's a matter of opinion if you would choose Baby or Clem. I respect your opinion as well, but being moral matters more to me. Oh and by that campfire there will be a baby, and that's enough for me to feel content, even if it does cost my/Clem's life.

          • Team survival , team not bitten .... have fun

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              BigBadLarry BANNED

              Best comeback 10/10.

              I honestly see no point in surviving if you go as far as to let a baby die. If you had a newborn baby, and there was some sort of choice where only one of you can survive, then I wonder what you would choose. At least we died for something, rather then die knowing that we let a baby die on our conscience.

              • Congrats. I'll think about you while I open my can of beans

                • You can enjoy your beans, and I'll enjoy dying knowing I did some good in this god-forsaken world.

                  • Do you think us evil "survivalists" like leaving a baby behind? Do you think IF the game gives us the option and a select few choose personal survival is more important than moral idealism, that Clementine will be happy?

                    People can't differentiate between cold blooded calculus and simple survival. I would hate leaving a starving baby to die, I truly would. However, if placed in a similar situation, I can't take care of a baby. And just because it's a baby doesn't mean you should haul him around to feel entitled to some kind of personal salvation of your soul.

                    I've seen a lot of people comparing this action to Crawford, which is quite ridiculous seeing as Crawford was a huge settlement complete with water, electricity, food, and everything else. Clementine could quite possibly be on her own, slowly dying, in the freezing cold. An eleven year old girl who has witnessed the worst of humanity. I can't protect a baby any more than anyone could protect Sarah.

                    Remember when Pete asked Clementine to "take good care of Nick?" He died, sometimes things don't end well, and that's what I'm scared about. The risk is too high for the potential return.

                    • I wouldn't think of a survivalist as evil. But I just wouldn't be able to stomach leaving a baby behind, even if I had to. I just can't imagine how I would do that. If the worst happens, and it would be better for the baby to die than let it live like this, then I would.

                      Some might, but I just wouldn't be able to do that.

                • coughOr starve to deathcough

                  By the way, if your life was determined by TTG after that moment, you'll die anyways, because you would officially be determinant. Congrats.

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    RomanZombie BANNED

    A little bit of both.

  • I believe in a balance, not the -at times- ridiculous dichotomy leaning more towards the "pure survivalist" stance that this season has presented.

    That said, I am selfish, and I would not let my Clementine die to save them. Knowing Telltale, however, it is likely that both options end up screwing you in different ways. If you choose to do the morally right thing to do, you die. If you choose to save your skin, you die later or end up broken and alone. Either way, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out, and this can end up being the most agonizing choice from both seasons.

  • Based on my actions so far in the game, I'd probably do the moral thing. Of course, this being a video game, it's quite easy to be a moralist because I'm not actually required to give anything up. But if I really ask myself, if I were in Clementine's position, would I give up my life for another, I'm not sure I would.

    The way I look at it, I've already spent what is now $50 on a piece of fiction rather than donating that money to a charity that helps people in need. And I'd do it again. I will do it again. So if I'm not willing to give up, what, 18 hours of entertainment for the sake of helping out a real person in need, what are the chances that, when given the chance to do so, I'd give up my life for another?

    • Maybe you're being too hard on yourself. When a situation arises, in real life, where you do have to make a split second choice, you might surprise yourself. A lot of people do.

  • I would definitely save myself (Clementine) over anyone else in the group.... I love my crew, cough "Bonnie" and I always help when I can... save people in my group in every way possible... my Clementine is sweet and kind... but she would definitely choose her own life over another.

    • Of course we'd all save anybody in our group and we give 100 percent into looking out protecting and saving group members I'm just saying I'd help and save anybody but if it was a save group member but sacrifice yourself choice I'd allways save myself ... Jane could of saved Sarah only if Jane didn't abandon saving Sarah she would of saved Sarah in time but she would of gotton bitten saving Sarah ... the same way Jane won't sacrifice herself too save Sarah I wouldn't sacrifice myself too save anybody

  • Sorry it's myself. I've spent far too much time beating myself up because of my poor choices and how some characters died because of it. It's done. It's over. With Kenny and Luke arguing and such I'd just leave.

    • Exactly. After Carlos was killed in front of Sarah. I realized she needs someone to be there to help guide her. I wanted to, then she died and I said to myself "well, she was my ticket to contribute some good and 'pay it forward'. But fuck it, now I'm on my own, completely."

      I will not allow ANYBODY to hold Clementine back from her own survival. I no longer am concerned with petty personal salvation or awaking inner beauty, I just want to live. The hell with the rest.

  • Jane has her way and I have mine...

  • You either die like a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain. I choose the first option. My Clementine will prove herself as a good person, even if it will cost her life.

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