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  • Are these, like, easter eggs? Does something happen after I do one of these?
  • Yeah, you ever tried doing the Did You Try lists?
  • Yeah that's a pretty good list.. I have not played the game again, but I did find these in my old notes... so here are a few more

    Did you...

    [Spoiler] ...look at the Trogdor machine after "fixing" it? [/Spoiler]

    [Spoiler] Look at the items in strong badia both before and after its burniation? [/Spoiler]

    [Spoiler]...try to collect a second light gun? [/Spoiler]

    [Spoiler] ...while the house is haunted... talk to the cheat, play the fun machine, and use the lappy? [/Spoiler]

    [Spoiler] ...try to use the space bus to beam up strong sad? [/Spoiler]

    [Spoiler] ...try to enter the cave while the munchox is attacking strong sad? [/Spoiler]
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