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posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 433 users
I was just wondering what podcasts - if any - people listen to, gaming related or otherwise? I personally listen to:
  • Idle Thumbs - gaming podcast featuring Jake Rodkin (from Telltale!), Chris Remo and Nick Breckon.
  • Bombcast - GiantBomb's podcast featuring games, energy drinks and games.
I only just have time to listen to those. What about you?
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  • My comp is screwed so I can't download them anymore but I love PotterCast! Which is about Harry Potter of course, close analysis, theories, news, film stuff, interviews etc
  • If by "listen to", you also mean "watch", then I'd have to further express my undying love to h*r by proclaiming my slowly dying love for their podcast. I love my h*r on-the-go, even if my iPod screen is eye-squintingly small. Unfortunately, their removal from the iTunes store, their sudden commitment to new SBemails, and their recent disappearance has decreased my enjoyment of it a bit.
  • the bungie podcast is excellent,
    as is steven fry's

    i quite like the start select one too (telltale were mentioned in a recent one)
  • I love Kotaku's podcast. It's brilliant in it's simplicity: Interview developers while playing a game with them.

    Also, their Xmas special podcast last year had the single funniest introduction in internet history.
  • patters;119073 said:
    i quite like the start select one too (telltale were mentioned in a recent one)
    I tell a fib, I also watch this every week and tune into the podcast. Completely slipped my mind. It's a great little show from Gamespot UK, and it had a fantastic adventure game special a couple of weeks ago. Charles Cecil was on their podcast this week too, which lead to some interesting discussions (Broken Sword film, anyone?).
  • I listen/watch to these podcasts:

    - 2P Start Live! (gaming related)
    - The Lame Show (technology related)
    - Ask A Ninja (ninja-answering-emails related)
    - Dilbert Animated Cartoons (not actual webpage) (self explainitory[?])
    - Strong Bad Email (animated email show)
    And now also Idle Thumbs. Thanks, Guybrush!

    I also have some Comedy Central and national podcasts.
  • There is a Dilbert cartoon- based podcast? Is it just a series of clips from the show?
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