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Maybe Clem's fate is... EDIT: *NEW TWEET* From Job

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I mean, maybe Clem could become, according to our choices, a bad or a good Clem.

A Bad Clem does not mean that you are evil, but maybe it is understood as a person who knows how to survive, that knows how to make tough choices in order to survive (like to steal Arvo, do not give water to the dying man, Looking Carver die, Leave Sarah, does not help Christa ....).

A Good Clem maybe instead is a person who makes choices with his remaining shred of humanity (type not to steal Arvo, give water to the dying man, do not look Carver die, do not let Sarah, Helping Christa ...)

In the end, if it really will happen, (my Clem is a mixture of these, so I do not know) maybe Bad Clem will be the best thing, because it will be hard, strong, and stronger to withstand the cold, or make choices very difficult, but lose her humanity ... while a Good Clem will be weaker, defenseless, but will retain her humanity.

What do you think? How is your Clementine? :D

EDIT: MyClementine: Steal Arvo, gave water to dying man, watch Carver die, don't leave Sarah, help Christa

EDIT: New Tweet Job that maybe confirm this opinion?

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