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No Going Back Character Fates Prediction

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Since there are many death prediction threads I thought I'd share my thoughts of the status of a character by the end of the episode:


Status: Alive

Clementine is the playable character so we know that she won't die until at least the end of the episode, but I doubt she will. There has been discussion where people think that we will be able to choose Clementine's fate, how our decisions will affect her character status, however, I doubt this, Season 3 has been confirmed and it is likely that Clementine will again be the playable character, if this is so, decisions Lee made in Season 1 and decisions Clementine made in Season 2 can carry over and impact Clementine in Season 3, I think the pizza or ice cream choice will most likely be survival or humanity and depending on which she picks will create a new path for her to follow in Season 3. If Clementine would appear in Season 3 as the playable character, the ability to choose her fate in Season 2 would make no sense. I think that the first tough decision is whether to shoot Arvo or not, and if you shoot him, Maud will shoot Clementine.

Unnamed Baby

Status: Alive

We know that Clementine WILL be with the baby, but there have been images for Episode 5 that show her with and without the baby, I think that no matter what happens in the shootout, Clementine will be entrusted the baby by the either Luke or Kenny, depending on who you sided with the most. I don't think that the baby would really die, but I think that Clementine may be given the option to choose who takes care of the baby perhaps, and Clementine can also choose to take care of the baby herself. I think that sometime in the episode, we will get the chance to name the baby.


Status: Unknown

I don't think that they would kill Kenny of again, at least not this soon, but I think that while Clementine escapes the shootout, Kenny will still be alive. I doubt that they would kill Kenny off, he has been with Clementine since Season 1, he and Clementine are the only two characters that have been with Lee for the whole Season, I think that Kenny would make a return in Season 3 and his attitude would differ depending on who Clementine sided with in Season 2 and how Lee treated him in Season 1.


Status: Unknown

I doubt that they would kill Luke as he has been alongside Clementine throughout Season 2, however, I think that since Luke screams out "NOOOO!" at the end of episode 4: Amid The Ruins, Luke will get shot by Buricko and obtain a gunshot wound, I think that when Clementine flees the shootout we may see Luke kneeling on the ground and we will not be sure of his fate, but I think that Luke should return in Season 3, and his attitude should differ depending on who Clementine sided with in Season 2.


Status: Determinant

I think that the first tough decision would be Vengeance: Did you shoot Arvo? I think that if you choose to shoot Arvo, Maud would get mad and shoot Clementine, then Bonnie would shoot Maud and kill her, and then Bonnie follows Clementine throughout the episode, or possibly gets separated from Clementine and they reunite at the end of the episode, I guess she could die trying to protect Clementine at some point through the episode, but I feel as though 400 Days may be kind of a waste if Bonnie died, it would be nice to have a determinant character that can live until the next Season. As for not shooting Arvo, I think if you don't shoot Arvo, Maud will get the upper hand and get to shoot Bonnie, then Clementine is either forced to shoot Maud or escape.


Status: Dead

As much as I like Mike, I think that his fate is sealed, I think that either Vitali or Buricko will shoot Mike, but maybe Clementine can tell Mike who to shoot and if Mike shoots Vitali, he kills him, otherwise Kenny kills Vitali, or he shoots Buricko and Buricko obtains a gun shot wound but doesn't die, I think Vitali will shoot Mike if Mike shoots Buricko and that Buricko will shoot Mike if he kills Vitali. If Maud is alive and kills Bonnie I think that Mike may just shoot Maud and Vitali or Buricko will finish him while his back is turned.


Status: Determinant

I think that we will get the option to shoot Arvo out of vengeance or to just let him go. If you choose to shoot him and you stole the medicine he will run away as soon as you point the gun at him, and once you shoot him, he dies. If you choose to shoot him and you didn't steal the medicine, once you point the gun at him, he may accept your vengeance and stay still, and once you shoot him, he dies. If you choose not to shoot him, he will flee the scene, and we won't see him again for the rest of the episode, he is a potential character for Season 3 in my opinion.


Status: Unknown

I think that no matter what we do, Buricko will still be alive by the time Clementine escapes. I think he'll get a gun shot wound if Mike shoots him. I think he'll managed to shoot Luke and Kenny will miss if he shot Rebecca, however, if he didn't shoot Rebecca, I think he can give Buricko a wound. I think that Buricko may use the trees to hide from Luke and Kenny. He could chase after Arvo if Arvo is alive, or he could just run into the woods, maybe, just maybe, he might make an appearance in Season 3, if Arvo and Buricko survive, I think it's some what possible for both of them to appear in Season 3.


Status: Dead

I think that Mike will get to shoot Vitali if Bonnie kills Maud, and if Mike kills Maud, I think Vitali would take the upper hand by killing Mike while he kills Maud and then Luke will shoot Vitali and end up killing him.


Status: Dead

I think that if you shoot Arvo, she will give Clementine the bullet wound, then Bonnie would kill her. If you left Arvo go, she will shoot Bonnie instead and kill her and Mike will kill Maud.

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